Frequently Asked Questions

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I don’t know how to perform Umrah, can you help me?
Yes. You will attend a Seminar at Ebrahim College where we will go through the Umrah procedure with you. We will also go through trip details at the seminar.

I don’t know how to wear the Ihram, can someone show me how to put it on?
Yes. At the seminar we will show you how to wear the Ihram as well as go through the conditions of being in a state of Ihram.

Do I need a Visa to travel to Saudi Arabia?
Yes, we will obtain your visa for you. The cost of your Umrah includes the visa fee.

Do I need any vaccinations?
Yes you need to take the Meningitis ACWY vaccine and obtain a vaccination certificate for travel to Saudi Arabia. Most practitioners recommend that you get vaccinated at least 10 days before travel.

I’m a woman, can I go?
Yes you can. However, the Saudi Arabian Authorities require you to travel with a mahram (a male member of your family that is 18 years and above e.g. your Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle etc.) Please get in touch with us if you require more information on this.

Can I take my family, including my kids?
Yes families are welcome.

Where should I exchange currency?
The exchange rate is better in Saudi Arabia so we recommend that you take cash and exchange it there. Don’t worry, we will show you where you can exchange currency. You can also take your bank cards but please remember to inform the card issuer prior to travel so that they do not block your cards by imposing security measures whilst you are in Saudi Arabia.

How much luggage can I take?
This depends on the airline but is typically around the 30KG mark. We will inform you well in advance of the travel date.

What will I need to buy prior to travel?
We will provide you with a checklist in your registration pack.

Do I have to memorise a lot of Duas?
It is advisable that you do memorise some duas however we will provide you with compact dua books and you can recite the duas from the books.

Can my family stay in touch with me while I am there?

Yes you can either take your British phone and SIM, which is not a cost effective option or you can take an unlocked phone and buy a Saudi SIM. We try to have some SIM cards available to buy prior to travel. If this is not possible we can help you choose a suitable SIM when we are in Saudi Arabia.

How will we be getting around Saudi Arabia?
We will be travelling in modern air-conditioned coaches.

Do I need special gear for the mountain climb?

All you need are comfortable lower garments and suitable footwear. We provide you with a goody bag that consists of some essentials and a T-shirt. Take plenty of water with you too!

Is it true that I have to shave my head?
It is Sunnah and more rewardable to shave your head (guys) to complete the Umrah but it is not mandatory. You can at the minimum cut a quarter length of your hair (so if your hair is 4cm long you cut 1cm off). Ladies cut a minimum of one lock of hair. If you require further clarification please get in touch and we will ask a member of the team to explain it to you.

How does Ebrahim College manage to pay for the cost of the Umrah/trip?
We claim Gift Aid on the amount of money that you fundraise. If you meet the fundraising target we can collect enough in Gift Aid to cover the deficit of the trip and therefore we do not use the funds raised in sponsorship to meet the costs of the Umrah.

What if I have more questions?
Please email your questions to Abu Thamim or call him on 0207 377 6677.

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