“A world better educated in how best to serve Allah (SWT) and his creation”

Ebrahim al-Khalil Trust is an umbrella organisation that oversees many projects and initiatives with a mainly academic orientation. Ebrahim College is the trusts first, largest and flagship project. Both the Trust and the College have been named after our father, the Prophet Ebrahim (alaihis salam). Ebrahim College is now well known and has enjoyed a good measure of success since its inception in 2003, much of the Trust’s work and projects have been carried out at and through the College and many projects and initiatives are known in the community as EC initiatives.

The Trust was founded by educationalists and ulama who believe in the universality of knowledge; that all knowledge is essentially Islamic if it is beneficial. Thus Muslims need to be educated in the Islamic sciences as well as all other beneficial disciplines.

To achieve this Ebrahim College was set up as the first project. The College fulfils two core functions: firstly, it is an Islamic 6th form and madrasah, which, at the core of its academic offering, combines A levels with a programme called the ‘Islamic Sciences Programme’ (ISP); secondly, it is an Islamic Jami’ah (higher education institute) offering the complete traditional Alim course combined with undergraduate qualifications in Islamic Studies validated by British universities. The Islamic Sciences Programme forms the necessary foundations for students to progress on to the higher levels of the Alim course known as the Alimiyyah. The course culminates in a final year of intense hadith study called at-Takmeel, at the end of students, according to the traditional system, receive ijazah (permission) to teach and propagate knowledge and serve as Imams and Ulama.

The aim of this academic curriculum is to produce Ulama who are competent in the Islamic Sciences such as tafsir and hadith, and who also possess the proffessional skills necessary to serve, guide and lead the Muslim Community in the West. It is our firm belief that EC and its academic system and curriculum are the future for Islamic education and the producing of competent Ulama, Imams and leaders of the future.

The founders of the trust chose this as the first project to tackle the shortage of competent people who can understand, serve and eventually lead the work and aspirations of Ebrahim al-Khalil Trust.

In addition to its core function, the College fulfils its commitment to the propagation of Islamic education by the offering of part time and short courses on various Islamic topics; distance learning is also being planned for the near future.