NameAccess to Islamic Sciences (AIS) Programme
CaptionLearn the fundamentals of the Islamic Sciences. 
Brief DescriptionA course equivalent to a level 4 diploma, tailored for the avid seeker of Islamic knowledge to study the first year of the Alimiyyah Programme. Students will embark on an in-depth study of the essential topics in Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah, Arabic Language and Literature. The aim of the course is to equip students with foundational knowledge of the traditional Islamic Sciences via modern pedagogical techniques to refine their Islamic practices and character thereby cultivating their greater devotion to Allah and enabling them to benefit their community. Students will also engage in critical thinking, research, and scholarly discourse, preparing them for progression onto advanced Alimiyyah studies.  
PrerequisitesArabic Intensive or equivalent
ProgressionFull Time Alimiyyah (Year 2)
GenderMale and Female
PlatformOn Campus/Online
Mode of studyPart Time
Duration2 years
Time9:45 to 16:45
FeesOnline: £3,250
On Campus: £3,750
1Fiqh: ‘Ibadaat
2Tafsir al-Tahlili
3Arabic Literature
4Arabic Language & Grammar
6Early Islamic History
7Aqeedah: Tahawiyyah
8Tajweed (Students must join PTC Advanced Qira’ah)