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Alimiyyah Fees

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General Policy (please read this first)

Ebrahim College is a registered charity and as part of its vision and mission, it endeavours to provide its services at an affordable price or where possible for free. The College does not seek to make a profit but to cover the costs incurred in delivering its courses and services, and in sustaining quality and growth.

Many of the courses are subsidised by Khalil Foundation through the support of generous donors. For the last 10 years, the amount of money subsidised per student was substantial with more than a third of the cost of learning per student paid for by the Foundation. With the growth of student numbers each year, the total subsidy for all students has also ballooned to an unsustainable level. For this reason, it is the decision of the Trustees of Khalil Foundation that such huge subsidies can no longer be borne by the Foundation and students and guardians will have to bear the full cost of the education received.

However, EC remains committed to supporting students who are dedicated to our programmes but for genuine extenuating circumstances, cannot afford to pay the full cost. For such students, EC will continue to provide subsidies subject to an evaluation of financial status.

The actual cost of the full time programme is £5000 per year. Students and guardians who can afford to pay the full fees must do so.

Financial Support for Those Who Cannot Afford the Fees

If you are committed to joining one of our full time programmes, but cannot afford to pay the full fees, do not worry. It may be possible for you receive financial assistance from Khalil Foundation. Please go to the financial support page for details. Applicants are required to fill in the Financial Support Form in addition to the standard application form for admission.

Student Fee for the Alimiyyah Programme

Full time: £5000 per year
Part time: £2500 per year

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Mode of Attendance

4 years full-time
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm
8 years part-time
3 evenings a week
6pm – 9pm

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