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Alimiyyah Testimonials

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“After completing an intensive year in the Arabic course, my understanding and reading of the Arabic language has reached an unexpected level. From the start of this academic year in the Alimiyyah, I’ve begain tasting the sweetness of gaining knowledge and the buzz is certainly thrilling and exciting”

(Anwar Hussain, Alimiyyah 1 2012-2013).

“Alhamdu lillah it’s been very good studying at Ebrahim College. I enjoy the atmosphere and being in the company of the Ulama as they are very friendly and approachable. I enjoy the Alimiyyah course, especially appreciating the Arabic from the Arabic Intensive last year. Insha Allah, if everything goes to plan then I shall complete this course and wish to teach the Islamic Sciences in my community, and if Allah (SWT) will maybe more. May Allah (SWT) accept our efforts, and accept the work of Ebrahim College. Ameen.”

(Haaris Abdus Samad, Alimiyyah 1 2012-2013)

“My experience at Ebrahim College has been very positive, they have taught me that you can learn about Islam and enjoy yourself while doing it. Before I came to Ebrahim College I had been to many Islamic teaching centres and Ebrahim College without doubt is the most beneficial”.

(Anonymous, Alimiyyah 1 2012-2-13)

“Studying the Alimiyyah programme initially was daunting but with the help and support of the teachers they made it an achievable reality. I believe EC will give me and students the ability to excel in our studies, personal development and all the aspects one needs to be an Alim”

(Anonymous, Alimiyyah 1 2012-2013)

“I initially started studying at Ebrahim College on a part time basis. As such, I was very worried about jumping onto the full time Alimiyyah, having studied just over half of the pre requisite Arabic courses. However, the teachers have been very supportive, and I, by the grace of Allah (SWT) and the efforts of my teachers, have managed to benefit greatly both in terms of Islamic education as well as in terms of addressing my spiritual development. I genuinely feel that Ebrahim College has been one of the most major factors in shaping my future and I pray Allah (SWT) blesses the College. اَللّهُمَّ زِدْ فَزِدْ

(Suhayl Ahmed Alimiyyah 1, 2012-2013).

“Alhamdu lillah, it is a great blessing of Allah (SWT) that He is allowing me to seek the knowledge of His religion. I have learnt and benefited alot from the College throughout the year. The teachers are very friendly and open minded. Teachers try their best to give me/us spiritual advice, that which is needed for all of us. I prefer staying and spending my time in College than home or anywhere else, because I love the environment of my College and the students/brothers and the teachers”.

(Anonymous, Alimiyyah 1 2012-2013).

Mode of Attendance

4 years full-time
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm
8 years part-time
3 evenings a week
6pm – 9pm

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