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Career Prospects

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The Alimiyyah Programme at EC will help students to develop as professionals with transferable skills appropriate for a range of careers and some of the following indicative professional situations:

• Faith-based youth work, training for ministry (Imam), Muslim chaplaincy training, nursing and mental health care

• Those who also complete the Alimiyyah course will be able to serve as trained community leaders and workers who can interpret the Qu’ran, provide shari’ah advice, and are qualified to serve as Imams;

• Teaching, especially RE, PSHE (personal, social and health education), citizenship, and Arabic language, after further study to acquire QTS. Those who become Alims will also be able to teach at Islamic educational institutes such as Darul ‘Ulooms, Madrasahs and organisations such as Ebrahim College;

• Social work, social care and welfare policy development and the probation services;

• Working in cultural and multi-religious or multilingual contexts, supporting business initiatives with clients from different cultures;

• Working in the growing Islamic banking and finance industry in different capacities including advising on shari’ah compliance;

• Working across different faith communities using their intercultural, bilingual and interpersonal skills in a mediating capacity

• Pursuing higher degrees in cognate fields e.g. Religious Studies, Arabic Studies, Islamic Education and other branches of Social Sciences and humanities,

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Mode of Attendance

4 years full-time
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm
8 years part-time
3 evenings a week
6pm – 9pm

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