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Ebrahim College

Arabic Intensive Financial Support


At Ebrahim College, we are committed to making Islamic education accessible to everyone by removing barriers to education. Those students for whom financial constraints is a barrier, subject to your status, we will find a way to support you, inshaAllah, and when we are unable to do that, we will help you support yourself. One way or the other, we will try our best to enable committed students to study our programmes no matter their circumstances. This means that we may be able to subsidise some of the cost of your programme and/or help you find ways to support yourself. This is especially true of full and part time programmes such as the Alimiyyah and the Arabic Intensive.

However, receiving financial support does not mean we are giving you a discount on fees, it means we are paying for part of the fees by raising the money from donors and through fundraising. Therefore, we have to be realistic about how much assistance we can give anyone and in most cases will keep the applicant informed about and involved in how the financial assistance is acquired.

Any financial assistance granted will be subject to status. Only scholarships that are granted based on merit and aptitude are an exception. This means that awards will be means tested and applicants will be expected to pay and self-finance what they can and prove that they cannot afford the remainder. This makes it fair for everyone and ensures that no one is refused admission on the basis of lack of affordability and the neediest students receive the support.
As a charity that exists only to serve the community, our aim is simple, people who are able to pay should pay, people who cannot should not be turned away because of it.


Financial support does not include any other expenses, for example living, transport and book costs. As it is purely to assist in cost of fees for the course, the College and Khalil Foundation reserve the right to provide support as they see appropriate. Reasons for not being awarded support are not provided. Students who receive financial support do not qualify for any other discounts.

Failure to Complete the Programme or Comply with student agreement

Students on financial support who drop out of the course or do not comply with the requirements of the student agreement without a valid reason will be charged the full course fees.

How to Apply

The application form can be found in the link below:

Download Financial Support Form

Please send all supporting documents along with your application.

Applications must be posted or handed into the College reception. You can also email your financial support application to:

Address the application to:

Arabic Intensive and Alimiyyah
Ebrahim College
80 Greenfield Road
E1 1EJ

The Benefits of Studying the Arabic Intensive at a Glance

Read, write, understand, and speak Arabic in just one year (two years for part timers).

Recite the Qur’an with Tajweed and comprehension next Ramadhan.

Access the advanced Alimiyyah Programme and study the Islamic Sciences including Tafsir, Hadith, Islamic Law and theology.

The opportunity for keen students to A Level Arabic.

Gain enough knowledge of the Arabic language and Islam to be able to teach your children Islam or support their learning

A comprehensive set of modules in Jurisprudence and Islamic Creed are incorporated into the programme.

Mode of Attendance

1 year full-time

Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

2 years part-time

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
6pm – 9pm

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