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Ebrahim College

Your Legacy: A World Class Islamic Seminary in London

Did you know that not a single Islamic seminary in the world is regarded as world class?

In thirteen years, you have made Ebrahim College one of the largest Islamic educational institutions in Europe. Now, please help us make it world class.

All of our planning and efforts are directed towards becoming a world class Islamic seminary. With your generous support, we can achieve that sooner rather than later.

Please read this, understand our goals, ask yourself if we are campaigning for the right things, and get behind us with your donations and your fundraising.

We do many things for family, for our parents, let’s leave behind a legacy for our parents by giving in their name, and leave behind a legacy for our children in the form of a better world and a better Ummah.

Ebrahim College’s 2018/19 Fundraising Campaign aims to raise around £1.2 million to ensure we continue developing in the following key areas:

1. Increase academic space, develop resources and infrastructure, and our greatest needs – £160k

2. Growth, development and dissemination: improve existing courses and programmes, develop new ones and reach more people with our courses – £123.9k

3. Ensure that we are able to award scholarships and bursaries to students, especially those who cannot afford to study – £183k

4. Invest in our academic staff  and their work by safeguarding existing posts, investing in training and CPD, and funding new posts – £100k

5. Secure funding for our research centre, The Centre for Islamic Research and Education (CIRE) – 150k

6. Freeing the college from debt: £500k

“Only two people can be envied: a person Allah has given wealth to and he spends it in the right way, and a person Allah has given wisdom to and he judges by it and teaches it.” (al-Bukhari)

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Student Testimonials:

“Because my writing is at least a bit better than my speaking…‪#‎fridaymotivation‬
‪#‎ireallyshouldberevising‬ 🙈

The appeal yesterday was intended to encourage those who were unfamiliar with the work of EC to buy into and support its mission. But more than that, I found it was a huge motivator for us as students and direct benefactors of the college.

Seeing three ‘generations’ of people who have traversed this path, up there representing the legacy of scholarship that EC stands for, I could almost visualise the blessed transmission through time and I realised, I want nothing more than to be part of this.

I often muse about where I’d be if I hadn’t chanced upon this path. Yesterday I found myself wondering at my personal loss had I not come across such inspirational people. Every single one of them in their own way spurs me to do more and to do better, from Ustadh Shams’s super crazy work ethic, to Ustadh Mujahid himself as encyclopaedia of history and poetry and Allah knows what else, and even Ustadh Amjad’s passion for all things geeky!

And there are countless others behind the scenes whom I would never have otherwise known, who teach me every day that if there is anything in this world worth aspiring to, it is *this*.
Sometimes I despair that they’ve set the bar so high the rest of us can’t even compete.
But the amazing thing is, just being in the competition is a win in itself. 🏆”

~ A student’s thoughts


Thank you to the following people and organisations who have supported us.

  • AMC TRUST – £72,000.00 (2016/2017)
  • Brother Zahed Ahmed – 1 Full Scholarship (2016/2017)
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