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Ebrahim College

Increase academic space, develop resources and infrastructure, and our greatest need.

EC operated out of a converted factory building since 2003. More recently we had to rent additional space on Greenfield Road for a dedicated learning space for women. That too is a factory building. Our medium-term plan is to develop a purpose built campus. While we work on those plans, in the short term, we require significant support to bring our infrastructure in line with normal standards in higher education.

We need our alumni and donors to come forward and donate generously to this end.

For 2018/19, we need £160,000 to pay for:

– An upgraded industry standard student information management system (SIMS);

– Significant investment in our library to make our physical collection more fit for purpose and to subscribe to the most important academic journals relevant to the subjects taught at EC;

Please let us know using the form to the right if you would like to know the cost of a specific item.

To support this objective you can do any of the following:

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