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The Need for Research

Research is the systematic development of new knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes; as such, it is an essential part of following the Qur’an and Sunnah for every Muslim. Our Research Centre is the brain of the organisation, where all the forward thinking, planning, training and development is organised.

Traditional Islamic Madrasahs/ seminaries exist to pass on the Islamic sciences to each new generation and this is something essential for all Muslim communities. However, it is not enough just to pass on knowledge, or to do research only within the traditional disciplines to develop our understanding of the texts that have been transmitted to us.

There must also be engagement with research on the modern context within which we are striving to implement our inherited tradition. This requires bringing together Islamic scholarship with the modern social sciences, education and other relevant academic disciplines.

This is where a modern academic research centre within a traditional Islamic seminary can make a significant contribution to the advancement of Islamic thought and education in 21st Century Britain.


CIRE aims to raise £150,000 of funding per year.

Projected costs include:

– Rent of office and seminar space for meetings and training

– Operating costs

– Public relations and communications

– A full-time Director

– A part-time Administration Officer.

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