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Ensure that we are able to award scholarships and bursaries to every worthy student, especially those who cannot afford to study

The Mus’ab Ibn Umair Fund (MIUF): In 2016/2017 with the support of our donors, MIUF awarded around £180,000 in bursaries and scholarships to worthy students who couldn’t afford the cost of their studies. It fills us with pride and optimism that our donors have helped us develop this strategic capacity. Our donors will be proud to know that we have retained talented students who would not be able to study without the support they have received while other students have successfully graduated having received support from donors.

Our community is accustomed to university education being supported via grants and student loans. Who is going to support our seminary students – our future leaders – when they cannot afford their studies? EC is committed to the vision that no student should be turned away based on inability to pay. With your support, we can stay true to this vision.

For 2017/18 our target for means tested hardship based bursaries is £138,000. Our target for scholarships is £45,000. The total MIUF target is £183,000.

– £6000.00 is a full scholarship for one year to a student on the Alimiyyah programme

– £10,000 is a full scholarship for a student in the Dawrah al-Hadith programme

– £2500 is an average bursary award to a student based on awards given between 2015 and 2017

Endowments (AWQAF):

– £120,000 would permanently endow one Alimiyyah scholarship

– £200,000 would permanently endow one Dawrah al-Hadith scholarship

– £50,000 would permanently endow one average bursary award.

Our long term target is to secure five full scholarships for each of the four years of the Alimiyyah and ten full scholarships for the Dawrah al-Hadith programme.

Please let us know using the form to the right if you would like to know the cost of a specific item.

To support this objective you can do any of the following:

Donate a portion of your zakah towards bursaries
Make a one off (non-zakah) donation to the scholarship fund
Donate full scholarship for one Alimiyyah student for one year
Donate full scholarship for one Dawrah al-Hadith student for one year
Raise funds


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