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03/05/2018 Shihab al-Din al-Qarafi’s Institutionalist Perspective on Islamic Law – Prof Mohammad Fadel

  An Analysis of al-Ihkam fi Tamyiz al-Fatawa ‘an al-Ahkam wa Tasarrufat al-Qadi wa’l-Imam Presentation of an …

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13/03/2018 Quantum Theory and the Mind: Do Quantum Fields Control the Brain? – Dr Asim Islam

This lecture for non-specialists discusses the revolution in fundamental quantum physics and its finding that the existence …

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16/03/2018 BOOK LAUNCH: The Qur’an and the Just Society – Dr Ramon Harvey

Dear friend, Thank you for showing your support. Due to the ongoing UCU strike action over pensions, …

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26/02/2018 The Role of Young Alims in Modern Society – Prof Mehmet Gormez

Talk followed by Q & A and discussion Prof. Mehmet Gormez is the former President of the Presidency …

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20/02/2018 Renewal and Reform in Islamic Thought – Dr Ermin Sinanovic

Ijtihād for the regeneration and development of Muslim communities and societies. Presentation of an academic paper followed …

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16/01/2018 There was God and No Thing was with Him – Dr Safaruk Z. Chowdhury

Exploring Muslim Views on God and Abstract Objects Presentation of an academic paper followed by Q & …

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12/12/2017 Classical Majālis of Adab and ‘Ilm: From the Jāhilī Period up to the ’Abbāsids

9th and 10th century ‘Abbāsid majālis in cities like Baghdad as multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary spaces for the …

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14/11/2017 Anatomy of a Fatwa – Dr Asim Yusuf

Considering the determinants of legal reasoning in the modern age with a  case study on prayer times …

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17/10/2017 Interpretation of the Mukātaba Verse in Early Islamic History – Dr Ramon Harvey

Analysis of the development of commentary on Q. 24:33 during the first two centuries of Islam in …

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Islamic Calligraphy, Art & Practice

A rare opportunity to learn from a prominent figure in the field of Islamic Calligraphy – Al …

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