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17/08/2019 Snowdon Sunrise Challenge

  Fancy experiencing a moonlight climb of Mount Snowdon? Join Ebrahim College and Orphans In Need in trekking up Mount Snowdon in the dark, on Saturday 17th August 2019. We will reach the summit, catch a breath taking view of the sunrise, before descending for a well earned breakfast! It’ll be a tough challenge, but you Read More

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20/05/2019 The EC Annual Iftar 2019

    Assalamualaykum, We are happy to announce that our Annual Iftar Gathering will be held on Monday 20th May 2019 at The Atrium. Doors open at 5.30pm. Join us for an evening of Qur’an and Tafseer where you’ll learn how to attain closeness to Allah through His remembrance. Break your fast with Ebrahim College. Listen to recitation and tafseer of the Qur’an, Read More

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Exploring fatwas on organ donation in Islam

  The issue of organ donation is a contentious issue amongst Muslims. This is because the scriptural sources of Islam have no clear guidelines on it and the religious advise available to UK Muslims are outdated and have emerged from the Muslim world. The introduction of the ‘Human Transplantation Act (Wales) 2013’ in December 2015 Read More

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WEEKLY MAQRA’A with Mufti Barakatullah

  EC is proud to present a weekly maqra’a to read Ibn al-Jarud’s Muntaqa, every Thursday at 16.30 in the EC prayer room. Mufti Barakatullah has agreed to let us read al-Muntaqa of Ibn al-Jarud to him. The unique feature of this book is that it is one of the shortest collections of hadith related to Read More

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The Seekers Convention 2019

    “Faith and Identity in the 21st Century” When: Sunday 24 February 2019 Time: Doors open at 10am Venue: Royal Regency, 501 High Street North, London E12 6TH   Click to Register   What is faith and how do we distinguish our identity in the 21st century? In a time of social obscurity and technological advances, we are faced with Read More

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Open Day 2019

  Ebrahim College is opening its doors to the public to come and experience life at the college. Come and join us at our open day to learn more about our courses and facilities. You will have the opportunity to meet our faculty and students. Register now! When: Monday, 25th February 2019 18:30-20:30 Sunday, 28th Read More

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Halaqahs and Gatherings

  We are pleased to announce our weekly halaqahs and monthly gatherings at Ebrahim College.  The following topics and dates have been confirmed for the Autumn term:   Monthly Gathering   “Come, let’s believe for a while…” Hosted by Shaykh Shams Adduha and Shaykh Mujahid Ali When: Saturday 15 December 2018 Time: 6pm-7pm Venue: Main Read More

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22/10/2018 MAQRA’A of Imam Muhammad’s Muwatta

  Attend a Maqra’a of Imam Muhammad’s Muwatta at Ebrahim College Imam Muhammad bin al-Hasan al-Shaybani was a student of Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik, as well as the teacher of Imam Shafi’i. His transmission of the Muwatta is one of the most important books of hadith and fiqh.  Come and read it with two Read More

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30/09/2018 London2Windsor Cycle Challenge

  Free Your College from Debt by cycling 33 miles from #London2Windsor with Ebrahim College in partnership with Hope And Knowledge Cycle Club You will be accompanied, supported and guided throughout the journey by experts & veteran riders from H&K Cycle Club and more. We encourage all levels of riders from complete beginners to very experienced Read More

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17/07/2018 Things ARE as they appear: an introduction for Muslims to Heidegger’s existentialism – Ibrahim Lawson

  In his magnum opus, Being and Time, Martin Heidegger makes the claim that ‘only as phenomenology is ontology possible’. What does this mean and why should we be interested? Presentation of an academic paper followed by Q & A and discussion Lecture by Ibrahim Lawson (CIRE) When: Tuesday 17th July 2018 Arrival/refreshments: 4.30pm Seminar: 5.00pm-6.30pm Venue: 77 Greenfield Road, London Read More

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