Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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Course Description

This course will trace the life history of our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW from the days before the advent of Islam; known as the time of ignorance. The course follows his birth and upbringing through to his receiving of prophethood, the spread of Islam in Makkah and the immigration to Madinah including his many struggles and battles. The life of the Prophet SAW is both inspirational and emotive and is yet full of lessons and anecdotes that continue to unravel themselves to us to this day. Studying the life of the Prophet SAW is an absolute must for everyone.

Course Brief

Part 1: Birth to Hijrah

  1. Introduction
  2. Ibrahim (as) -> SAW’s birth
  • Establishing of Makkah
    • Building of Ka’bah
    • Zam-Zam
    • ‘Abdullah b. ‘Abdil-Muttalib
    • Elephant Incident
  1. SAW’s birth -> Prophethood
  • Halimah bt. Dhuayb
    • Shaqq as-sadr
    • Khadijah at-Tahirah
    • Rebuilding of Ka’bah
  1. Makkan period: Prophethood -> Hijrah
  • 4.1 Secret call
    • Early believers
    • Salah
  • 4.2 Open call
    • Torture
    • Hamzah’s Islam
    • Mushriks’ change of tactics
    • Hijrah to Abyssinia
    • ‘Umar’s Islam
    • The boycott
    • Return of some Emigrants
    • End of boycott
    • Abu Talib’s illness & death
    • Passing away of Khadijah (ra)
    • Marriage to ‘Aishah & Saudah
  • 4.3 Call outside Makkah
    • At-Taif
    • Al-Isra’ & al-Mi’raj
    • Da’wah to specific tribes
    • The 1st Pledge of ‘Aqabah
    • The 2nd Pledge of ‘Aqabah

Part 2: Hijrah till return to Allah

  1. Madinan period: Hijrah -> Return to Allah
  • 5.1 Hijrah -> End of al-Khandaq
    • Battle of Badr
    • Banu Qaynuqa’
    • Battle of Uhud
    • Marriages to Hafsah, Umm Salamah, Zaynab
    • Banu an-Nadhir
    • Battle of al-Khandaq
  • 5.2 Khandaq -> Al-Hudaibiyyah treaty
    • Banu Quraydhah
    • Marriage to Zaynab
    • Al-Ifk
  • 5.3 Al-Hudaibiyyah -> Makkah
    • Letters to Kings
    • Battle of Khaybar
    • Battle of Mu’tah
  • 5.4 Makkah -> Return to Allah
    • Battle of Hunayn
    • Battle of Tabuk
    • Farewell Hajj

Course Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:

  1. Learn about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – both in Makkah and Madinah
  2. Take practical lessons from the life of the Prophet (SAW)
  3. Understanding the context in which the Qur’an was revealed and Islam was sent down.

Skills and application:

  1. Helps us adopt the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) in our lives.
  2. Develops the love for the Prophet SAW such that all our actions are governed by his Sunnah.
  3. Accessibility to other resources in the topic.
  4. Broadens the mind regarding giving inviting people to Islam

Prerequisites: None

Duration – 20 weeks

  • Part 1 (10 weeks) – Makkan Period

Starting: September 2023

Time: 6-9pm

  • Part 2 (10 weeks) – Makkan and Madinan Period

Starting: January 2024

Time: 6-9pm

Students will not be assessed in this course.

Course Delivery
This course will be delivered on campus and online using an online live streaming platform called ‘Zoom’.  For more information on how this works, please click here.

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Male and Female


10 weeks


On Campus, Online



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