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Course Curriculum

Ibrahim عليه السلام > Prophet’s ﷺ birth
Ibrahim عليه السلام
The Early Arabs & Preludes to the Prophet’s ﷺ birth
Prophet’s ﷺ birth > Prophet hood
The Prophet’s ﷺ Family & Birth
The Prophet’s ﷺ Childhood
The Prophet’s ﷺ Youth & Marriage
Prophet’s ﷺ Household and the Rebuilding
Makkan period: Prophet hood > Hijrah
The First Revelation
When the Da’wah began
Response to the Da’wah
Campaigns Backfired
Persecution & Migration
Reality of Trials & Tribulations
Conversion of Hamza & ‘Umar
The Boycott, Year of Sorrow & Ta’if
Al-Isrā’ & al-Mi’rāj
The Hijrah / Migration
Madinan period: Hijrah > Return to Allah
Battle of Badr
Uhud & It’s Aftermath
Other Strategic Battles
Battle of Banū al-Mustaliq & The Ifk
Battle of al-Ahzāb
Treaty of Hudaybiyyah
Spreading the Message of Islam
Expedition of Khaybar
Expedition of Mu’tah
Conquest of Makkah
Battle of Hunayn & Tā’if
Battle of Tabūk
Farewell Pilgrimage
Return to Allāh ﷻ
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