Talking to God


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Are you ready to transform your prayer experience and discover a deeper way to engage with Allah?

Introducing “Talking to God,” a unique short course designed to explore the profound conversation within the Fatiha. Led by Zahed Ahmed, a dedicated student of prayer, an author of Awakening the Prayer which has been taught to tens of thousands since 2013.

This course offers a safe, open, and non-judgmental environment for you to unlock your own insights and enrich your spiritual journey. It will require participation from everyone!

Course Highlights

  • Engage in easy-going conversations about what it means to talk to God
  • Focus specifically on the Fatiha and the possibilities within this conversation.
  • Empower yourself with insights that you own and not simple information you are given
  • Have confidence being guided by an experience instructors in the field without being overwhelmed by formal islamic/arabic jargon
  • Explore the connection between thoughts, feelings, emotions, and the words we utter and how they can all be authentically so powerful
  • Understand how being with God in prayer compares to being in the real world.

Course Details


Who is this for?



Online via Zoom


4 weeks

Date & Time

Starting Monday 15th July 2024, 7pm-9pm

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