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The Qur’an And Me

 يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ قَدْ جَاءَتْكُم مَّوْعِظَةٌ مِّن رَّبِّكُمْ وَشِفَاءٌ لِّمَا فِي الصُّدُورِ وَهُدًى وَرَحْمَةٌ لِّلْمُؤْمِنِينَ◌ قُلْ بِفَضْلِ …

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 يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ قَدْ جَاءَتْكُم مَّوْعِظَةٌ مِّن رَّبِّكُمْ وَشِفَاءٌ لِّمَا فِي الصُّدُورِ وَهُدًى وَرَحْمَةٌ لِّلْمُؤْمِنِينَ◌ قُلْ بِفَضْلِ اللهِ وَبِرَحْمَتِهِ فَبِذَٰلِكَ فَلْيَفْرَحُوا هُوَ خَيْرٌ مِّمَّا يَجْمَعُونَ

O mankind, there has come to you instruction from your Lord and healing for what is in the breasts and guidance and mercy for the believers.
Say, “In the bounty of Allāh and in His Mercy – in that let them rejoice; it is better than what they accumulate.” (10:57-58)

Course Specification:

  • Allāh’s choicest gift to humanity.
  • The miracle of miracles testifying to the Prophet hood of Muhammad g.
  • The final and everlasting source of divine guidance, spiritual healing, light and mercy.
  • A glad tiding for the Muttaqeen, a warning for the neglectful.
  • It contains unlimited wisdom;
    • it is the source of knowledge,
    • It is the decisive criterion,
    • It is the spirit from Allāh.
  • Our rope of salvation, a pleader for us or against us on the Day of Judgement.

If this is what we believe then it is important that we respond to the Noble Qur’ān in the most appropriate way. To do this we need to keep in mind certain conditions before we approach the Qur’ān for this purpose.

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1. Having a desire to benefit
2. Fear Allāh and be in awe of Him
3. Respect and reverence for the Qur’an
4. Ponder and reflect over the message
5. Listen attentively and follow the message (talk the talk and walk the walk)
6. Sacrifice, struggle and effort

The Qur’ān & Me sessions aim to – Allāh willing – talk about these important qualities that we should develop, to help us truly benefit from this divine eternal guidance: Al- Qur’ān al -Kareem.

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ismail Bhuta

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ismail Bhuta was born into a scholarly family in West Sussex, UK. He grew up in London under the guidance of his father, Shaykh Ismail Bhuta and his elder brother Shaykh Abdul Mateen. He started learning Islam at a young age. After completing his secondary school education and basic Islamic studies he travelled to South Africa and enrolled at the distinguished Islamic seminary, Dar al-Uloom Azaadville, Johannesburg, where he undertook a six year Intensive study of various traditional Islamic Sciences.

He graduated with distinction having received authorisations in various books including the six major collections of Hadith. After returning to the UK he travelled to Syria and furthered his knowledge and experience by benefitting from the academic letures of many scholars there.

Classes are on demand so you can study at your convenience.

Course Reviews

  1. Profile photo of Aanisah Hoy Aanisah Hoy says:

    SubhanAllah brilliant course!
    MashaAllah this was a wonderful series of talks for a re-vert to learn from. I have gained a lot more knowledge and understanding from this alhamduillah.

  2. Focusing on AlQuran AlKarim
    Bismillah Irahman Irahim. This course provides a wide and comprehensive view of The Quran as well as several related subjects. Recomended 100%.

  3. Profile photo of Johura Johura says:

    Alhumdullilah for an amazing course.
    Jazak Allah for this course. It has been extremely beneficial in helping me to strive for more knowledge and understanding of the Qur’an.

  4. Profile photo of Zainab ruayza says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu….
    Will ant exam or test be conducted aftet completing the course?

    Bismillah rahman raheem

  6. Profile photo of Sabina Begum Sabina Begum says:

    Thank You!
    This course really makes you think you about your relationship with the Qur’an and how you can strengthen it. Highly recommend this short course to new Muslims.

  7. Indeed this was of great benefit
    JazakAllah Khair for this short yet beneficial course, it has helped strengthen my relationship with the Quran.
    May Allah(swt) reward you abundantly Ameen

  8. Profile photo of Mahabur Rahman says:

    Thank you for this!
    This short course was very helpful. Thank you and may Allah bless you.

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