Ebrahim College Present Paper at Conference in Rome hosted by PISAI

Dr Ramon (Ibrahim) Harvey, Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Ebrahim College attended a conference in Rome between 13th and 15th October entitled ‘Rahma: Muslim and Christian Studies in Mercy’. It was hosted by PISAI, the official Vatican institute for Arabic and Islamic studies and attended by scholars from major research universities in the USA and Europe.

Dr Harvey presented a paper ‘The Revelation of Mercy in the Light of Islamic Theology’, in which he proposed that aspects of Maturidi theology could be used to understand how God reveals mercy through both divine scriptures and the natural world in a complementary fashion. This provides an Islamic theological basis for shared social ethics between traditions. He also showed how mercy could be related to justice based on research he has conducted for his forthcoming book.

The paper was extremely well received and Dr Harvey engaged in beneficial discussions with the scholars present on the possibility of future research collaboration.

Dr Harvey has been invited to submit his paper for a forthcoming publication of conference proceedings.


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