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Ebrahim College

Cycle for EC

Free Your College from Debt by cycling 33 miles from #London2Windsor with Ebrahim College in partnership with Hope And Knowledge Cycle Club

You will be accompanied, supported and guided throughout the journey by experts & veteran riders from H&K Cycle Club and more. We encourage all levels of riders from complete beginners to very experienced cyclists. There’s no better way to get on this challenge than with like-minded brothers who will not only support you all the way but there to also push, challenge and inspire you inn shaa Allah.


Look at what we have achieved together!

Over the past 15 years, Ebrahim College has become one of the most prominent Islamic seminaries in the West.


We have an outstanding faculty of some of the best scholars in the UK teaching on our Alimiyyah programme.

We are one of the largest adult Islamic education providers in the country.

We are the first Islamic seminary with a dedicated research centre.

Our Alimiyyah graduates are out in the community doing what they trained for: Serving and leading the community.


Through the support of ordinary people in the community who donated whatever they could to keep the work going. When fees and donations were not sufficient to keep the services going, the community lent us thousands of pounds in interest free loans (qardh hasan) so that we could continue our work.

This is why EC owes a substantial amount of money to individuals in the community. This is what it took for us to get to where we are now.


Alhamdulillah! After all of these years, EC has finally balanced its books on its own income and has become financially self-sufficient. Our student numbers have been consistently healthy and our overall income covers our current costs. However, although our budget has broken even, the debt burden weighs us down, severely impacts our cash flow and hinders our ability to invest in development. It has therefore become imperative to free the college of debt and repay our qardh hasan loans as soon as possible.

This challenge is launched to aid our dedicated campaign to free EC of debt. We need our community, our students and our supporters to help eliminate EC from debt. By the end of 2018, our aim is to reduce our debt by £500,000 out of a total debt of £1.3 Million.


Eliminating debt means that EC will be able to focus on the following areas:

Progress plans to develop a world class campus.

Develop and launch more part-time and online courses.

Double the number of people studying Islam at EC (currently at over 3000 per year).

Pursue accreditation for our Alimiyyah programme.

Increase our community engagement.


  1. Sign up and Register for this challenge at

  2. Support our riders achieve their targets

  3. Make a donation towards our dedicated campaign to Free Your College from Debt by donating £1,000, £500, £250 or other amount at

  4. Become a Patron of Our Legacy by making a donation of £1,000 towards our dedicated campaign to Free Your College from Debt at

  5. Become a Patron of Our Legacy by fundraising £1,000 towards our dedicated campaign to Free Your College from Debt at

  6. If you are owed money, consider writing off all or part of the loan.

If would like to speak to someone, email or call 0207 377 6677.

You have helped us get this far, help us get to the next level


Date: Sunday 30th September 2018

Reg Fees: £25 – Includes t-shirt, lunch, guide, support vehicles, coach return to EC

Min Fundraising: £250

Distance: 33 miles

Level: Suitable for all (contact us for training needs)

We have limited Spaces for this event so contact us now to register your interest!



We are asking for a minimum pledge to raise £250 excluding any gift aid and £25 registration fee which will go towards the t-shirt, lunch, guide, support vehicles, coach return to EC and related expenses for the challenge.

Why not set yourself a personal fundraising target which is greater than the minimum pledge? You can increase/decrease your target at any point and remember the more you raise the closer we will get to Free EC from Debt.


Click HERE to register your interest and accept the challenge.

Enter all your details as requested.

Send a confirmation email to

Set up your fundraising page HERE.

DONE – Now you can share your fundraising page with all your friends and family.

Once you have completed your registration we will call you to just check if everything is okay and answer any questions you may have. We will also add you to the London2Windsor WhatsApp group where you will get advice and guidance on training, equipment, and regular meetups before the challenge.

If you are struggling with registration or your fundraising page, please contact our admin team on 020 7377 6677 or email


Try and utilise all the tools you have at your disposal. Don’t feel shy to ask, call or email us for help, that’s why we are here!

Remember pace yourself with your fundraising and try not to bombard everyone with your challenge. But set yourself a realistic plan to engage with your friends and family. Please do not bombard your contacts with messages everyday but use your activities such as your training days to remind your friends and family about your challenge.

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great start.

  • Start with close family and friends with small pledges

  • Use email to send your colleagues and contacts details of your challenge

  • Do a WhatsApp broadcast with your fundraising link

  • Ask your work place if they will match your donation

  • Speak to your local mosque or community group to see if they can help

  • Take some donation pots from us and put them in your local store

  • Don’t forget to keep your donors updated

  • Make sure you thank them for their kind donations


Date: Sunday 30th September 2018

Time: 9am Sharp

Location: Ebrahim College 80 – 82 Greenfield Road, London E1 1EJ

Underground: Aldgate East, Whitechapel

DLR: Shadwell

Buses: 115, 15

Parking: Free on single yellow lines

We will be meeting at the above location for 9am sharp. Please be on time otherwise you may lose your slot and cause a hold up for everyone else.

Arrive early so you can do last minute checks of your bike as well as get to know other riders and ride leaders.

We will have 2 stops at our designated break points where you can fuel up again and take those essential selfies.

Please remember if you do not have a helmet you will not be able to cycle with us. So make sure you pack your essentials the night before.

Make sure you stop training at least a day before the challenge to enable your muscles to recuperate as this will reduce injury and cramps



⦁ Bike checks

⦁ Registration and team allocation

⦁ London 2 Windsor Briefing & Route plans

⦁ Safety briefing

⦁ And away WE GO..!

If there is anything more we can help you with, please get in touch: Call us on 020 7377 6677 or email us at


What sort of bike do I need?

Preferably you will have a road bike which has a smaller frame and thinner tyres enabling more agility and speed.

You can complete the challenge on a mountain bike but you will be doing a lot more work to keep up with the team.

What if I don’t hit my fundraising target?

We are here to support you. Get in touch asap if you are struggling and we will give you more hints and tips.

How will I get back?

We have transport arranged in Windsor for you and your bike. We will have 1 drop off point at Ebrahim College / East London Mosque.

What food should I bring?

We will provide Lunch for the day – If you wish to bring your own or extra’s please make sure its light and compact as well as high in energy. We will send you more details closer to the time but it’s mostly sandwiches and energy bars/gels.

What time will we be back?

We have an estimated time of 5:30PM as our return time back into London. We will make just one drop at base which is Ebrahim College.


Essential List

  • Helmet

  • Gloves

  • Eyewear – Sunglasses and cycling goggles

  • Mobile Phone – Keep in touch, STRAVA and pictures

  • Water Bottles – 2 x Water bottles for your bike

  • Puncture Repair Kit – 1 x repair kit

  • Wallet – Bank card and cash for break points

  • Light Waterproof cycling jacket – For the change in weather

  • Food – Sandwiches for breaks and energy bars/gels for the ride

  • Clothing – Cycling shorts, tops and extra clothing to change at the end

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