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Financial Support

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The Mus’ab ibn Umair Fund (MIUF) is committed to supporting students of knowledge who cannot afford the cost of studying courses at Ebrahim College. If financial constraints are a barrier for you, we encourage you to apply to the MIUF for financial assistance. Subject to your status, we will find a way to support you, inshaAllah, and if we are unable to, we will advise you on other funding sources or we will help you support yourself. One way or the other, we will try our best to enable committed students to study the programmes they are interested in.

General Pre-requisites

  • The applicant will have to demonstrate that they are committed to a sustained study of the Islamic sciences.
  • The applicant must be fully committed to their course of study attaining minimum 70% in any assessments and minimum 80% attendance.
  • The course must be an Ebrahim College course.
  • The applicant must demonstrate a commitment to positively serving their community.
  • The applicant must demonstrate a commitment to removing financial barriers faced by other students by supporting the MIUF.

What kind of financial support is available

  1. Interest free student loans.
  2. Means tested grants.
  3. Merit based grants.

1 and 2 are means tested. All applications will be considered as student loan applications unless a loan is not suitable, or MIUF decides to award a grant on a  discretionary basis. Merit based grants are not means tested, and are only available to Alimiyyah and Dawrah students based upon their performance in prior studies at EC.

How we process applications

Due to limited funds, we will prioritise funding based upon the course applied for in the following order:

  1. Full time Alimiyyah and Dawrah al-Hadith students;
  2. Full time Arabic Intensive students;
  3. Part time Arabic Intensive students.

This means an applicant who is unsuccessful in securing MIUF funding for the Arabic intensive would normally stand a better chance of receiving funding when they progress to the Alimiyyah. Each individual application will be assessed based on the applicant’s need, background, and personal statement.

Applications will not be processed if forms are not fully completed or evidence of financial circumstances is not provided. All applicants are advised to submit a strong personal statement as it will form a major part of funding decisions.

Financial support does not include any other expenses, for example living, transport and book costs. As it is purely to assist in cost of fees for the course and will be paid directly to Ebrahim College. MIUF reserves the right to provide support as it sees appropriate. Its decision on suitability of funding is final and reasons for not being awarded support are not provided. Students who receive financial support do not qualify for any other discounts.

Failure to Complete the Programme or Comply with student agreement

Students on financial support who drop out of the course or do not comply with the requirements of the student agreement without a valid reason will be charged the full course fees.

How to Apply

Click on the button below to apply for financial assistance

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