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The Ottomans


This short, intensive course aims to cover the following:

  • - Rise and Fall of the Ottomans
  • - Conquest of Constantinople in 1453
  • - The Great Sultans
  • - Political, Social and Administrative Structure
  • - Culture and Art
  • - Relationship between various Muslim states and other nations

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The Ottomans

A weekend course on the Islamic history of the times of the Ottoman rule

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "Verily you shall conquer Constantinople.What a wonderful leader its leader shall be,and what a wonderful army that army will be!" (Musnad Ahmad)

To fulfil the prophecy, many Sahabas tried such as Abu Ayub al Ansari and Muawiyah (ra), followed by various Caliphs such as Abdul Malik, Harunal-Rashid but they all failed to capture the city.

‘Just as there is a single sun in the sky, so too there should be a single state and a single religion in the world’- Sultan Muhammed Al Fatih (rh) Conqueror of Istanbul

Speaking up to 8 languages (including Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian,French, Latin and Serbian), staunch follower of the Sunnah and spurred by his teacher Shaykh Shamsuddin, Sultan Fatih conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) at the age of 21.

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