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Free Your College From Debt

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Look at what we have achieved together!

Over the past 14 years, Ebrahim College has become one of the most prominent Islamic seminaries in the West.

What makes EC great:

  1. We have an outstanding faculty of some of the best scholars in the UK teaching on our Alimiyyah programme.
  2. We are one of the largest adult Islamic education providers in the country.
  3. We are the first Islamic seminary with a dedicated research centre.
  4. Our Alimiyyah graduates are out in the community doing what they trained for: serving and leading the community.


How did an institution in the east end of London achieve all of this? – through the support of ordinary people in the community who donated whatever they could to keep the work going. When fees and donations were not sufficient to keep the services going, the community lent us thousands of pounds in interest free loans (qardh hasan) so that we could continue our work.

This is why EC owes a substantial amount of money to individuals in the community. This is what it took for us to get to where we are now.

Our current financial situation:

Alhamdulillah! After all of these years, EC has finally balanced its books on its own income and has become financially self-sufficient. Our student numbers have been consistently healthy and our overall income covers our current costs. However, although our budget has broken even, the debt burden weighs us down, severely impacts our cash flow and hinders our ability to invest in development. It has therefore become imperative to free the college of debt and repay our qardh hasan loans as soon as possible.

Free your college of debt:

We have launched a dedicated campaign to free EC of debt. We need our students and supporters to help eliminate EC’s debt. In the 2017 -2018 year, our aim is to reduce debt by £500,000 out of a total debt of £1.3 Million.

What Will it Mean for EC to be debt-free:

Eliminating debt means that EC will be able to focus on the following areas:

  1. Progress plans to develop a world class campus.
  2. Develop and launch more part-time and online courses.
  3. Double the number of people studying Islam at EC (currently at over 3000 per year).
  4. Pursue accreditation for our Alimiyyah programme.
  5. Increase our community engagement.

What you can do:

1. Make a donation towards this campaign of £1000, £500, £250 at. Click here to donate
2. Raise the above amounts for this campaign using our dedicated fundraising site for this campaign: Click here to raise funds.
3. If you are owed money, consider writing off all or part of the loan.

If would like to speak to someone, email or call 0207 377 6677.

You have helped us get this far, help us get to the next level.

A Gift of Learning

For anyone who raises £500 or more for the 'Free Your College from Debt' campaign

To show our appreciation, we will gift a course worth up to £125 to anyone who raises £500 or more. Start fundraising now!

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