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Hajj Package




17/18 DAYS (+/- 1 OR 2 DAYS)

Quad: £5,995

Triple: £6,895


Rooms will be allocated based on room availability. We cannot guarantee that families and friends will be together, although, where possible and requested, we will try to do that. If you are a family of two or three comprised of men and women, and you have booked the quad package, you will share the room with others in the group. Men will be allocated a room with men and women with women. This is the norm in hajj. Hajj is an opportunity to journey with fellow Muslims, make new lifelong friends and acquaintances, and to learn to be part of a community of brotherhood and sisterhood in faith. We therefore advise that brothers and sisters welcome this opportunity, and avoid making a fuss about who they are sharing with.


Our Package:

What’s included:

Flight from Heathrow, or Manchester Airport depending on flight availability. Return from Jeddah / Madina Airport to London Heathrow or Manchester.

Flights TBC – most likely, Emirates, British Airways, Egypt Air or Royal Jordanian

Makkah hotel – MAKAREM OR LE MERIDIEN (3- 4 minutes’ walk)

Madina hotel – GRAND MERCURE MAJLIS OR SIMILAR (2-3 minutes’ walk)


  • Ihram cloths for men
  • Draw string bag
  • Breakfast and dinner buffet
  • Acquisition of necessary Hajj visa and hajj draft (under new Saudi Regulations)
  • All hotels rooms will be 4 sharing as per your booking request. All rooms are air conditioned with en-suite facilities.
  • All ground transport will be air-conditioned coaches from Jeddah airport to Makkah hotel, transportation during the Hajj days and from Madina hotel to Madina Airport.
  • Private coach will be provided by Madina Travels from Makkah hotel to Madina Hotel
  • Air-conditioned tents in Mina (including sofa beds, pillows & blankets)
  • Meals will be provided at Mina and Arafat
  • Hajj guidance and informative hajj seminars presented by renowned scholar Sheikh Shams Ad Duha from Ebrahim College
  • Free access to Ebrahim College’s Online hajj course
  • Tour of historical/religious sites in Makkah and Madina

What’s not included:

  • Bus services from Mina to Jamarat and Jamarat to Makkah hotel or vice versa
  • Hajj qurbani
  • Food in muzdalifa
  • Mobile phone sims
*All dates, prices, flights and hotels are subject to change without prior notice and similar  standard of flights and hotels will be provided


Booking Requirements:

To book your 2018 Hajj package with us, please ensure you meet the following:

  • Passport must be valid for at least 7 months from the date of travel. Passports must have 2 facing blank pages.
  • For EC (Non-British) passports holders, we can only apply for a hajj visa if the applicant is a resident in the UK, in which case proof of residency will be required when applying for visa.
  • 4 recent passport size colour photos (with a white background).
  • Proof of Mahram (for females below 45 years of age only).
  • Must be physically and mentally fit and capable to perform all the rite of Hajj. You should also be prepared for long waiting times and walking long distances at various points of your Hajj journey.
  • If you need any special assistance or have any medical condition you must inform us at the time of booking.
  • A valid meningitis (A.C.W.Y) immunisation certificate. This will need to be submitted with your passport for visa processing.

Other important guidelines: 

  • As you will be sharing rooms, guests must be mindful of their companions especially when entertaining personal guests, using wash facilities, and in ones general conduct to ensure stay is smooth and trouble free.
  • Please be mindful of women’s privacy at all times, especially when there is the need to contact family members who are sharing rooms with other women.


Hajj 2018 Itinerary:

12th AUGUST 2018 Depart from London Heathrow Airport (subject to availability). Arrive in Jeddah and proceed to Makkah. Formalities at the airport can take up to 6-12 hours.

Check into Makkah Hotel.

Check-in can take time at the hotel reception.

After this you can perform Umrah individually or in a group if possible. Please read extensively how to perform Umrah.

13th AUGUST – 19th AUGUST 2018 We will have approximately 6-7 days’ rest in the Makkah hotel. During this time Madina Travels will arrange a Makkah Ziyarah .

You will be provided with complimentary lunch and dinner.

It is recommended that you manage your time in Makkah with Ibada, prayer and Tawaf.

19th AUGUST 2018


You will need to make your intention for Hajj and in the early morning we will proceed to Mina and begin the rites of Hajj 1439. We will stay overnight at the European tents. All meals will be provided (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).
20th AUGUST 2018 Proceed to Arafat with coach. You will be accommodated in tents. Lunch will be provided.

Arafat is Hajj so all your devotion and prayer should be made here for Allah(swt) After sunset we will proceed to Muzdalifa.

21st AUGUST 2018 In Muzdalifa after sunrise we will proceed to our tents in Mina and rest until allocated time to walk to Jamarat for Rammi (throwing Stones).

After stoning you can return to the tent or continue walk to the hotel in Makkah.

Once your Qurbani is completed, you will be informed (please bear in mind that Qurbani takes a long time to complete) then you can shave or cut your hair. After this you can perform your Tawaf and Sa’y of Hajj individually. After completing Tawaf and Sa’y we will walk back to Mina

22nd AUGUST 2018 We will walk to the Jamarat for Rammi (stoning) at the allocated time by the Muallim office. After stoning we will walk back to the tents in Mina.

The distance is approx 4km in total


23rd AUGUST 2018

We will walk to the Jamarat for Rammi (stoning) at the allocated time by the Muallim office, and then walk back to our hotel in Makkah.
23rd AUGUST – 25th AUGUST 2018 During the final days you will stay at Makkah Hotel. Perform the farewell Tawaf individually or in small mutual groups.
25th AUGUST 2018


We will make arrangements to proceed to Madina and check into Grand Mercure or similar. Check in procedure can take a long time, between 1-2 hours. We will travel to Madina by private air-conditioned coaches.
25th – 31 AUGUST / 1st SEPTEMBER 2018 We will stay in Madina from approximately 4-6 days depending on the package and flight. During your time in Madina we will organise a ziarat of Masjid Quba, Qiblatain etc and Mount Uhud.

You will be provided with Lunch & Dinner.

We will proceed to Madina airport by coach for flights back to the UK.

MAKKAH STAY (13 Nights approx – Including days of Hajj)

MADINA STAY (4 Nights)

All the dates are subject to the sighting of the moon and the itinerary will undergo some change closer to the trip. 


Payment Plan:

Deposit of £1000 non-refundable.

Second payment to be made by first week of MARCH 2018.

Third Payment to be made by first week of APRIL 2018.

All outstanding balances must be paid and cleared by the 31st MAY 2018.

*Please note that on completion of a booking you are considered to be in an agreement with all the terms and conditions.
Please note that the Hajj Visas on all passports are at the discretion of the Saudi Embassy. Ebrahim College and its travel agency partner MADINA TRAVELS (NR LTD) will not be liable if any visa is refused. All cancellation charges will be paid by the individual concerned.

Group leader: Shaykh Shams Ad Duha

shams - Copy

Bonus: FREE online on-demand Hajj course

Everyone who signs up to go Hajj with us will receive free access to our popular How to Hajj online course.

This course has been developed by Ebrahim College and is one of the most comprehensive hajj courses available online. You will have unlimited access to this course to get you ready for the journey of your life.

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