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Islamic Calligraphy, Art & Practice

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A rare opportunity to learn from a prominent figure in the field of Islamic Calligraphy – Al Khattat Dr Nassar Mansour. The Lecture addresses why calligraphy is so important in Islam, bringing together history, philosophy, and artistic practice. Master Calligrapher Dr Nassar Mansour explores the early development of Arabic calligraphy and its association with the Divine word, the Qur’an.

Dr Nassar Mansour is most famous for his calligraphic works and is one of the most accomplished contemporary calligraphers in the Arab world.

He obtained his (ijazah) in 2003 from the Turkish calligraphy master Hasan Çelebi(b.1937) 
who belongs to an important tradition established by the celebrated Ottoman calligrapher Sheikh Hamdullah (d.1520).

He then obtained his PhD from The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in which he focused on the Arabic script Muhaqqaq. Since then he has been accepted as the reviver of the Muhaqqaq script, clarifying its rules and laying the foundation for future students of Calligraphy to learn and master. He has exhibited his calligraphies widely and was responsible for the calligraphy in the restoration project of Salahuddin’s pulpit in the mosque of al-Aqsa in Jerusalem after its destruction in 1969.

Download Dr Nassar Mansour's HUWA - Arabic Calligraphy Artworks
Download Dr Nassar Mansour’s HUWA – Arabic Calligraphy Artworks

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