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Normally, some delicacy is required in asking supporters to remember organisations in their wills. But as Muslims, we spend our entire life in preparation for our meeting with Allah (SWT) and organising our material affairs is no different. In fact leaving something towards a cause like Ebrahim College will insha’Allah continue to benefit you long after you have departed from this world.

We take great pleasure in informing everyone that we are a community funded organisation. This is a manifestation of the Ummah looking after the needs of the Ummah. While we continually seek support for Ebrahim College in the form of regular giving and gifts, our hope for the long term prosperity of the College lies with legacies.

While we seek funds for the activities that we run now and in the short-term, the reality is that as a community funded organisation, we have to accept that we will need financial support in the far future too.

We recognise, of course, that it is not practical for many of our supporters to offer Ebrahim College financial support during their life time. A bequest may be easier or more appropriate to individual circumstances.

When any one of us thinks of writing a will it is our family and loved ones who come first to mind. But we hope you might perhaps consider how far your life has been influenced for the better by Ebrahim College and by the generosity of previous benefactors, and judge whether you can do a little, at least, to help future generations in the same way - as well as collect perpetual rewards yourself at the same time.

One obvious point to consider here is the tax implications. As Ebrahim college is a charity, any bequest, whether it takes the form of cash, shares or property, (including housing and valuables), will normally be exempted from tax. That is to say that the value of the bequest to us can be subtracted from the assets valued for inheritance tax by the Inland Revenue (40%, at the moment, on all assets over £285,000).

You would need, of course, to consult your solicitor about including a legacy in a new will, or about adding a codicil to your existing will. Should you wish for anonymity we shall of course respect this. If not we would hope to publish your name, and invite you back here for events and some entertainment.

If you wish to speak with someone about leaving a legacy with Ebrahim College, please call us on 0207 377 6677 and ask for the fundraising team.

10 Reasons to Support Islamic Education

1. Support for Islamic education is very limited in the UK.

2. Only a tiny percentage of Adults study Islam as part of their lifestyle, even less women study Islam.

3. Only a tiny percentage of children have access to full time Islamic education.

4. Islamic education guarantees long term sustainability as an Ummah.

5. Without becoming educated Muslims cannot spread Islam in its true form.

6. Islamic education is the basis for all other good deeds.

7. The outcome of Islamic education is that one recognises the Creator and knows how to worship Him and serve His creation.

8. Quality Islamic full time education for Muslim Adults is a market niche.

9. We will not STOP until quality Islamic education is available for EVERYONE!

10. You and your future need this work.

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