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22/10/2018 MAQRA’A of Imam Muhammad’s Muwatta


Attend a Maqra’a of Imam Muhammad’s Muwatta at Ebrahim College

Imam Muhammad bin al-Hasan al-Shaybani was a student of Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik, as well as the teacher of Imam Shafi’i. His transmission of the Muwatta is one of the most important books of hadith and fiqh.  Come and read it with two of the most senior scholars in Europe:

  1. Mufti Abdul Qadir Barakatullah graduated from Dar al-Ulum Deoband in 1974 having completed Alimiyyah, Fadila and Ifta, where he studied under Anzar Shah al-Kashmiri. He came to England in 1979 and completed a BSc in Economics (1985) and an MPhil in Informatics (1992). He has vast experience working as a mufti and advisor in sharia councils.
  2. Shaykh Muhammad Akram al-Nadwi is a graduate of Nadwa al-Ulama and student of important scholars such as Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, Abdul Fattah Abu Ghudda, Muhammad Yunus, Yusuf al-Qaradawi and others. he has worked for over 20 years at Oxford University and is the author of al-Fiqh al-Islami, al-Muhaddithat, biographies of Abu Hanifa and Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, as well as numerous works in Arabic.

The reading will be held in the library at Ebrahim College and will be transmitted in the main hall where mothers can attend with their children.

Each attendant will receive an ijaza (certificate) from Mufti Abdul Qadir Barakatullah and Shaykh Akram al-Nadwi, as well as other attending shuyukh.

Register beforehand as places are limited.

(Please bring your own copy of the Muwatta of Imam Muhammad. For participants who do not own a copy, we will provide a digital version prior to the event.)

When: Monday 22 October 2018
Time: 10am-6pm
Venue: 80 Greenfield Road, London E1 1EJ

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