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12/03/2020 Makkah Twin Peaks Challenge 2020

Ebrahim College is working with Penny Appeal to run the ‘Makkah Twin Peaks Challenge’ in 2020 towards their ‘Love Palestine Appeal’.

Ebrahim College will provide all the logistical support on the ground in Makkah and Madinah for the trip as to ensure a seamless and experienced process. The scholars from Ebrahim College will provide training for the Umrah before you fly out and support you during the trip and in performing your Umrah.

Join us under the Arabian sun this March on a trek to the peak of two of Makkah’s most historic mountains. Preform Umrah, hike up Mount Thawr and Mount Noor, explore the caves that housed the Prophet (saw) and visit the Prophet’s Mosque and tomb in this exhilarating 6 day trip to Makkah and Medina. The Makkah Twin Peaks Challenge offers hikers the perfect opportunity to discover the spiritual wonder of two important Islamic historical sites, after preforming Umrah under the guide of experts. Walk in the footsteps of the Prophet (saw) as you embark on a journey to reach the summit of Mount Thawr and Mount Noor, while taking in the beautiful views that surround you.

When: 12-17 March 2020

Registration fee: £199.00

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Info pack


If you have specific queries relating to the trip or Umrah, please contact one of the following individuals:

mob: 07816 588 777

Hafiz Mushfique
mob: 07985 278 332

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