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Muhammad Husain Kazi

Encouraged by his parents, Muhammad Husain Kazi, born and raised in London, started memorising the Qur’an under local scholars, completing it, by the grace of Allah, in 2004 at a traditional Islamic seminary in Bury. Since, he has been blessed to lead the tarawih (night-vigil) prayers yearly, both locally and abroad. Six years later, he graduated from the same seminary with a Distinction in the Islamic sciences. Among the many teachers he studied under and took inspiration from there were Shaykh Yusuf Motala, Shaykh Hashim Patel and Shaykh Bilal Bawa.

After graduation, he taught some of the Islamic sciences at a local seminary, whilst also serving his community as an Imam. His desire to further his studies, and in particular Qur’anic exegesis and the Arabic language, led him to continue his studies in Jordan for the next two years under the guidance of Shaykh ‘Ali Hani. There, among other things, Muhamad Husain also obtained an ijaza in the Qur’anic recitation of Hafs under Shaykh Salah al-Kurdi, and benefitted from the lessons of Shaykh Nuh Keller. Additionally, he taught some courses online for SeekersHub.

His time in Jordan was followed by a year in Cambridge, where he completed a Diploma in Contextual Islamic Studies & Leadership at the Cambridge Muslim College. Currently, Muhammad Husain divides his time between teaching at Ebrahim College in London, and studying for a Masters at SOAS.

January 12, 2015

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