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700 year old manuscripts shared by Mumbai Jama Masjid library


Guests from Mumbai Jama Masjid visited EC as part of their tour of London this afternoon, 25 July 2018. Mufti Mohammed Ashfaq Kazi (Imam of Mumbai Jama Masjid) and Maulana Essa Mansuri (World Islamic Forum) met with Shaykh Shams and Shaykh Ashraf to share stories and ideas about education and the future of Islamic studies.

EC was overwhelmed and excited to hear that Mumbai Jama Masjid’s library possessed manuscripts that dated almost 700 years old which had not seen daylight for almost as long. Mufti Kazi confirmed that these manuscripts were now in the process of being restored and made available for the public to view and study permanently. We look forward to having the opportunity to view these gems and hope to continue sharing knowledge with Mumbai Jama Masjid in the future.



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July 25, 2018

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