Exploring fatwas on organ donation in Islam

The issue of organ donation is a contentious issue amongst Muslims. This is because the scriptural sources of Islam have no clear guidelines on it and the religious advise available to UK Muslims are outdated and have emerged from the Muslim world. The introduction of the ‘Human Transplantation Act (Wales) 2013’ in December 2015 and the new proposal for Max’s law in England, has made some from the Muslim community suspicious of the new laws deeming them to be an infringement of their religious sensibility and an affront on the dignity accorded to the deceased by Islam.

This workshop aims to present the different Islamic legal and theological positions with their evidences and inform members of the Muslim community regarding the plurality of opinions which will then assist them to make informed choices about themselves and their loved ones.

This is a free event and we encourage you to bring friends and family. Please register each ticket under the name and details of the attendee.


Saturday, 16th March 2019



80-82 Greenfield Road, London E1 1EJ

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