Zahed Ahmed

Image: Discussion with HRH Prince Ghazi bin Mohammed of Jordon about the development of computational tools for Quranic scholars


Salams I’m Zahed. I’ve been a keen supporter of Ebrahim College over many years and have both advised the founders strategically as well worked on developing and delivering some of the most popular courses at the College since 2013.  

Although I do not identify as a ‘scholar’, ‘imam’, ‘shaykh’ or ‘ustaz’, but rather a normal (and pretty boring!), everyday person just like most normal folk, I did receive formal training in Islamic Studies (Dar Nizami, 2 years at the Madyafa at Azhar and private study in Makkah).  I also hold a BA, MA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Pembroke College, University of Cambridge and have wide interests in philosophy, history and psychology.  Like I said pretty boring. In fact, the coolest thing I’ve done was to publish academic papers on Computational Linguistics & AI applied to the Quran as part of my PhD studies which was funded by Nouman Ali Khan at the Bayyinah Institute.  I told you I was pretty square!

But fret not! I am adept at designing and delivering educational and transformative experiences to western students that aim to ‘translate the tradition’ in a manner that is both honest to our past and productive for our future. In fact, some of my courses of the past two decades have been delivered to tens of thousands of students via Ebrahim College as well other organisations here in the UK and abroad including the flagship ‘Awakening the Prayer’, ‘Route 42’ and ‘Prophetic Success’.

So I’m not some head in the clouds theoretical techno babbling boffin (albeit my family may say otherwise!), rather I have a real passion for talking with real people about their real struggles to connect with Allah.  My methods are entirely focussed on delivering courses and modes of engagement based on both traditional as well as reflective learning, which encourages discussion, and lays the foundations for us to implement lasting positive change in our lives. Finally, engaging with me means no “airs and graces”, no unnecessary technical lingo (islamic, scientific or philosophical despite training in them), no badges, bayahs, or “better than thous”. Just honest, authentic and open-hearted engagement through Allah’s word and the example of His Prophet in a language and manner to serve students best.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then also know that I’m very professional in my approach (I started my career in strategy consulting & investment banking and ran my own firm for over a decade, advising on high impact strategy for some of the world’s largest banks and corporations.) I like to do things with as much ihsaan as I can muster i.e. I try to do things well with people who bring the best of themselves to the table, and I hate getting messed around or my time being wasted, I’m sure you’re no different.

If that resonates with you, I look forward to meeting you on an upcoming course. And remember – active participation is a must, no passenger and ALL cameras on for online classes!

Your brother