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Fundraise for us and double your reward!

Raise funds and earn the same reward! You can do this as part of an organised challenge, a personal challenge, or the challenge can be just to raise a certain amount.

We have two campaigns which are our current priority, Debt Elimination and Bursaries and Scholarship. Please select a campaign you wish to fundraise for, by clicking one of the buttons below:

 Fundraise for Debt Elimination 

 Fundraise for Bursaries and Scholarship 

You can also register you interest in the form below and a member of our team will get back to you!

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If you like to do things old school, you can come into college and collect a fundraising pack now!


Fundraising Made Easy

Fundraising is easy, for example, to raise £1,000:

Think of:
A) 10 people who you think will donate £100 each

write down their names


B) 20 people who you think will donate £50 each

write down their names

C) And then think of people who you can approach for smaller amounts

write down their names


• Go and see the the people you listed in section A

• Take your campaign pack with you. Use the ‘Why ‘Ebrahim College?’ leaflet’ from the pack to tell them about the College and the campaign

• Remind them about the virtues of Sadaqah Jariyah and ask them to pledge

• Repeat this process with the people you listed in section B and C

People you know will most likely give just because you are asking. Some may need convincing. In any case, talking to people is important

10 Fundraising Ideas

1. Organise a charity car wash with your mates

2. Put on a football tournament

3. Take part in a sponsored run or climb

4. Hold a jumble sale and sell some of your old stuff

5. Bake some cakes and sell them to friends and family

6. Hold a barbecue

7. Invite friends and family over for dinner and fundraise

8. Get sponsored to stay silent for a day at work

9. Arrange a quiz evening

10. Get together with friends and organise a charity event and auction some items

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