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Ramadan 2016 Fundraising Update

Ramadan has been a busy month for Ebrahim College. We have been in touch with many of our alumni and supporters via phone, digital, TV and at our iftar gathering who re-affirmed their continued support for Islamic education in the UK by donating to our campaigns. May Allah SWT bless them all and give barakah in their lives and akhirah. Ameen.

Below is an update of our 2 live appeals.

Live Appeal – Student Support
TV One – 17th June 2016
£30,000 received in pledges

Live Appeal – Dawrah Al Hadith
TV One – 30th June 2016
£40,000 received in pledges

We asked for supporters to donate towards the the Dawrah Al-Hadith Programme by sponsoring towards the teaching of the following books of hadith:
Sahih Al-Bukhari (£1000 or £84 per month)
Sahih Muslim (£500 or £42 per month)
Abu Dawud & An-Nasa’i (£250 or £21 per month)
Tirmidhi and Ibn Majaah (£120 or £10 per month)

Jazak’Allah to all of our supporters who helped us secure £70,000 in pledges. A special thank you to our colleagues and students who helped out at the TV station, on the set and in the call centre.

You can still contribute to our campaigns. Visit the campaigns page here:

Campaign Page

Make a donation here:

Make a donation

July 1, 2016

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