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Welcome to our Ramadhan 2018 Campaign


Assalamu alaikum,

My dear brothers and sisters, students of Ebrahim College and its supporters,

It has been 15 years since my colleagues and I started Ebrahim College. We saw a vision of a Muslim community better educated about our beloved deen and led by a new generation of male and female scholars, imams, and religious leaders.

15 years on, we can see that vision coming to reality:

  • Over 3000 students study a course of some sort every year.
  • The Alimiyyah programme that was developed to produce future leaders is producing graduates every year.
  • These graduates are Islamically educated men and women who are dedicated to teaching, guiding, and leading the community for the rest of their lives; they will be relevant to our youth, to my children and your children.

But there is much further to go and much more to do. EC is not just an institution, but a mission for change. 3000 students per year is great, but what about the tens of thousands yet to be reached. We cannot stop at producing leaders, we must become a leading world class institution that is a beacon for the Muslim community. With your continued support we can achieve this.

This Ramadhan we are asking you, our students and supporters, to put EC first. EC is not yet financially sustainable. We have got through our formative years by borrowing from you when we fell short. This burden of debt must be repaid, and from there we must grow and develop our mission in quality, and quantity.

This year, we have two major priorities:

1. Legacy Campaign (debt reduction and development)

We are seeking 500 generous donors to become patrons of our legacy by donating £1000 each. In Ramadhan we want to reach 200. If you cannot afford it yourself, donate what you can, then join our campaign and become a patron by raising the remainder in Ramadhan. Your reward is a share of the ongoing sadaqah jariyah of 15 years of islamic education; an unrivalled legacy and a rare opportunity.

2. Scholarship Fund

We must also raise £175k (£150k in Ramadhan) for our scholarship fund: A fund that provides grants to Alimiyyah students who cannot afford the cost of their studies. Last year your donations awarded almost £200k in grants. Just imagine, you are paying for a student of knowledge whose life will be dedicated to serving our deen. What a legacy to send forward for your aakhirah! This fund also accepts zakah.

If you have benefited from EC as a student, then you know our work. Please make this your biggest priority this Ramadhan. Give a little back to the institution that has given you priceless knowledge.

If we meet our targets this Ramadhan, we will be sustainable next year, and then we can concentrate on development. We have already begun work on accreditation for our courses, and a strategic plan towards becoming world class.

Please visit our website for more information on our Ramadhan campaign, and join us for one of our seven stakeholder iftars where you can talk to me directly about how you can get involved in our mission.

This Ramadhan, be a smart, strategic donor, and donate for change through Ebrahim College’s work.

Allah bless you, our community and our institutions.

Your brother

Shams Adduha Muhammad


Shaykh Shams Adduha Muhammad

Get Involved!

Ramadhan Activities

Please put the dates in your diary and join our campaign activities. Our appeal to you is to donate some zakah to our scholarship fund and support the Legacy campaign to help EC become debt free. You can support us by donating directly as well fundraising for us. See details below.

EC Annual Iftar 2018

3rd June

For everyone in the community at The Atrium

RSVP here

Stakeholder Iftars

Attend and encourage fellow students and alumni to attend one of our Iftars

May 23rd, 25th, 28th, 30th & 31st

June 7th & 8th

at EC to engage full and part time students and alumni at the college

Call Centre

An in-house call centre will be set up to reach out to donors throughout Ramadhan, we need volunteers to help. To volunteer, email or call 02073776677.

TV Appeals

We have 2 TV One Appeals, support us by caling in and spread the news to your contacts

May 18th

5.30am (fajr)

June 4th

11.00am-2.00pm & 6.00pm (fajr)

or if you cannot wait you can donate now!

Double Impact Challenge

Donate £2 and create a chain by encouraging 3 others to do the same. This will help to develop our future imams and scholars (both male and female) and support education abroad.

Charity Focus

Legacy Campaign

for debt elimination. We are looking for 200 people to donate £1000. If you cannot afford this, please donate what you can and raise funds for us. Use the button below to donate.

Ramadhan Target: 200k

Mus’ab ibn Umair Fund

to support students with grants: (Zakah and Non-Zakah money accepted)

Ramadhan Target – 150k

Use the button below to donate.

Information on how to fundraise for us:

More information on EC’s needs:

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