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Support Ebrahim College’s Work this Ramadan

Assalamu alaykum and Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadhan is the month of charity and giving. The best way to reap long term rewards from your donations is to give to Education, and the best way to fulfil your obligations is to start locally.



This Ramadhan, support Ebrahim College’s work by donating to one of the two campaigns below:


Badr 313
Become a permanent supporter of Islamic education by donating just £313 per year! The Badr 313 is a supporters’ group of well-wishers of Khalil Foundation (the organisation behind Ebrahim College). Named after the companions of Badr, it gives Muslims who are dedicated to their deen and community the opportunity to invest in their hereafter by continuously supporting our work in Islamic Education. £313 is the minimum membership, you can also join a higher tier by donating £626, or £939 per year. There are plenty of benefits on offer, from discounts on courses to receiving free access to ALL courses and events if you join the highest tier.

Find out more about BADR 313


Support an Ebrahim College student on their journey to becoming a qualified scholar ready to give back to their community. EC does not turn students away if they cannot afford the fees, instead we offer them financial assistance from the Mus’ab ibn Umair fund. That assistance can come from you if you donate to the fund. We are asking for £800 per student on average. This fund also accepts Zakah for the neediest recipients of financial support.

Support a student


If you cannot donate, why not Fundraise for us in this blessed month!

If you are unable to contribute financially yourself, why not raise £800 and support a student. The reward is the same, inshaAllah.

  • Get in touch with our fundraising department and join our growing team of fundraisers. We will help you plan and execute your fundraising. If you are interested then please email
  • Our long standing pledge to our supporters still stands. If you raise £5000 for us, you can join us for Umrah, for free, during the Makka Twin Peaks Challenge, in February.

Finally, please don’t forget to participate in our fundraising events this blessed month. Why not make your donations at the events and benefit from everyone’s dua.

Ebrahim College invites you to take part in a whole host of activities his Ramadan.

Join us for Iftar and a night of inspiration

Ebrahim CollegeOn Sunday 28th June we have our Ebrahim College Iftar at the Waterlily with talks by our shuyookh, poetry by our very own Shabbir Hasan, and performances by renowned nasheed artist, Omar Esa.

How you can get involved:

  • Register for free:
  • Spread the word to friends and family
  • Share the poster on social media


 Live TV Appeal

Tune-in to our Live TV Appeal on Channel S (Sky 814) on Tuesday 14th July for one last fundraising push before this blessed month ends.

How you can get involved:

  • Donate what you can on the night.
  • Contact all your friends, family and social media contacts in the run up to the appeal urging everybody to tune-in and give what they can.
  • Volunteer for support on the day. We encourage all forms of support at the studios and behind the scenes!



Please make du’a for us throughout the month and we look forward to your continued support.

June 25, 2015

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