Student Testimonials (Part time Courses The Four Imams)

Alhamdulillah Ebrahim College delivered ‘The Four Giants’ seminar for the first time in London last weekend. The turnout was great and initial feedback from the attendees has been positive.

Ebrahim College have more seminars planned for the very near future – please look out for the marketing.

Testimonial from Muhammad Abubakhar Dar

“This was the first Ebrahim College course I have attended, I have known of Ebrahim College for some time and been a great admirer of the excellent work the college with the guidance of yourself and others has been doing.

Alhamdulillah, the ‘Four Giants’ Seminar was incredible – to say the least. More then anything incredibly humbling and Inspiring. At many times it became emotionally overwhelming just listening to the life and times of The Four Imams (May Allah SWT have mercy on them) and other great Islamic scholars.

The course exceeded my expectations, from the way it was led and organised, the course material was fantastic and the teachers were amazing.

InShaa’Allah this course will be the first of many I attend with Ebrahim College and InShaa’Allah can count on my full support.



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