Visiting Scholar: Dr Recep Şentürk

Ebrahim College were honoured to host Dr Recep Şentürk on 22nd April 2016. He spent time discussing ideas with Ebrahim College faculty members and also addressed the students with an inspirational talk on the importance of studying the social sciences alongside traditional Islamic studies.




Recep Şentürk is the director general and dean of graduate studies at the Alliance of Civilizations Institute at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, Istanbul, where he also serves as the chair of the Department of Civilization Studies. He is also founder and president of International Ibn Khaldun Society. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University, Department of Sociology (1998), and specializes in sociology, human rights, and Islamic studies with a focus on the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and Turkey. He is the author of (in English) Narrative Social Structure: Hadith Transmission Network 610–1505 (Stanford University Press, 2005) and (in Turkish) Open Civilization: Towards a Multi-Civilizational World and Society (Istanbul 2010, 2014), Sociology of Turkish Thought: From Fiqh to Social Science (Istanbul 2008); Islam and Human Rights: Sociological and Legal Perspectives (Istanbul 2007); Malcolm X: Struggle for Human Rights (Istanbul 2006); Social Memory: Hadith Transmission Network 610–1505 (Istanbul 2004); Sociologies of Religion (Istanbul 2004); and Modernization and Social Science in the Muslim World: A Comparison between Turkey and Egypt (Istanbul 2006). He is the editor of Civilization and Values: Open Civilization (Istanbul 2010), Ibn Khaldun: Contemporary Readings (Istanbul 2009), Economic Development and Values (Istanbul 2008).





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