The Final Beginning (On Demand)

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Ever wonder:
How do I handle a family member falling ill?
What do I do in their final moments in this world?
How do I wash and shroud the dead?
How can I benefit my dear mother after her death?
What are the procedures of burial?
What to do when visiting the graveyard?

You will find answers to these questions and more in the “The Final Beginning” course. Remember death waits for no man; learn about a matter that’s guaranteed to come sooner or later. Don’t you think it is time to learn about the journey and happenings that we all have to go through?

Every Muslim striving to practice Islam correctly and looking to increase his/her attachment to the Hereafter. The course will help you give your loved ones the final farewell according the Sunnah of the beloved Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

The topics covered are:
  • Sickness and the final moments
    • Rights of a Muslim upon another
    • Rewards of visiting the sick
    • What to do when visiting the sick
    • The happenings at the time of death
    • What to do when the ill is experiencing the pangs of death
    • What happens to the body straight after the soul is removed?
  • Preparation of the Dead: washing and shrouding
    • Who to contact to make arrangements for the dead
    • The death certificate
    • Who can prepare the dead
    • Post mortem
  • Prayer over the dead
    • Who the prayer is done upon?
    • The purpose of the prayer?
    • The status of the Prayer
    • Who performs the Janāzah prayer?
    • Where the prayer takes place?
    • How the prayer is performed?
    • Invocation related to the prayer?
    • When the prayer needs to be performed?
  • The Burial
    • Cremation.
    • Coffin usage.
    • Sending body abroad, and its implications due to body
      preparation for travel!
    • The procedure of burial
  • After the Burial:
    • Visiting the graveyard
Course lecturers:

Shaykh Mujahid Ali

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ismail Bhuta

Brother Mohamed Omer

Note: Aspects of this course were recorded in conjunction with Gradens of Peace, Hainualt, UK.

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Course Content


  • Introduction

The Reality of Death

The Final Moments

After Demise

Washing the deceased – ‘Al-Ghusl’

Shrouding the Deceased – ‘Al-Kafn’

The Funeral Prayer – ‘Salah al-Janazah’

The Burial – ‘Al-Dafan’

Etiquettes of Visiting the Cemetery


Tour of Gardens of Peace, Hainault, UK

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