Life at Ebrahim College

Ebrahim College is an institute of learning that is dedicated to Islamic Studies and providing a comprehensive service to the community. Thus a student that enrols here benefits from access to the many services and activities that exist at such an institution. Some are mentioned below:

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Pastoral Tutorials:

Along with providing you with the best possible classroom experience, your personal and spiritual development is also important to us so that every student becomes and remains a person of integrity, piety and responsibility. A specific weekly tutorial with a tutor provides a platform for regular naseeha (counsel) and the opportunity to discuss any issues that students may have with their studies or their lives in general. Furthermore, the tutor remains the first contact for a student’s pastoral needs.

Constant Company of Scholars:

Every student at EC remains immersed in an environment where traditionally trained scholars of different specialities and interests are always around. They teach various subjects, run study circles and organise and encourage extracurricular activities that students will be able to benefit from. Lifelong connections are formed and many of our students maintain a close relationship with their teachers, as per tradition, even after they have completed their studies.

In addition, some of the best scholars in the world and dignitaries from the Islamic World are regular visitors to EC. While people in the community have limited access to these luminaries, EC students are privileged with spending time with them and benefiting from them.

Leadership and Community Development:

Your teachers are more than just teachers; they are community leaders in their own right and are pivotal to their communities. You are also an integral part of your community as well as a torchbearer of knowledge. EC is dedicated to developing leaders of the future and inspiring dedication to the community in every student. If you have such aspirations, EC is just the right place where you will find the relevant academic, spiritual as well as vocational nourishment.

This is specifically catered for by encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities and volunteering. Our weekly open-to-the-public study circle called ‘Seekers’ Station’ is organised by the students. Many students are given the opportunity to get involved in our children’s supplementary schools as teaching assistants, and given support to setup community initiatives in their localities. In addition there are opportunities to get involved in mentoring, fundraising, trips to umrah and retreats, events organising, da’wah and community activism.