Ebrahim College was established in 2003 as a Darul Uloom style seminary appropriate for the modern world. The aim was to benefit from the rigour and credibility of the traditional Darul Uloom and, where it was deemed beneficial, merge it with the best in modern curriculum development, pedagogy, technology and research.

Core values

While maintaining a traditional approach to learning the Islamic Sciences is the core value at Ebrahim College, we recognise the dynamics of western society and an ever-changing landscape. The aim is to educate Muslims to a level that they will be able to sufficiently serve their community as leaders and educate Muslims to a level that would allow them to live as upstanding Muslim citizens.  


  1. Create skilled scholars and students of knowledge who are able to serve the community.
  2. Impart essential Islamic knowledge to the community and beyond.
  3. Help portray Islam in a positive manner to Muslim and non-Muslim alike.


Our mission is to develop and enrich a tailored engaging curriculum that would allow students to learn the Islamic Sciences at varying levels in terms of breadth and depth. Our unique and rigorous Arabic Intensive Programme aims to be industry leading due to its Darul Uloom style content fused with a seminary style of teaching. We will run Arabic Intensive, Alimiyyah and the Dawrah al Hadith programmes to ensure students have industry leading access to learning the equivalent to the traditional curriculums delivered at madrasahs and Darul Ulooms. Our part time courses will serve Muslims who want to learn the Islamic sciences but at their own pace and not in as intensive manner. 

The work of the College in higher education and research includes:  

  • The Arabic Intensive Programme – A one-year classical/Quranic Arabic programme designed with a traditional curriculum appropriate for a modern seminary style teaching and learning 
  • The ‘Alimiyyah Programme – a four-year, contextualised, multi-disciplinary, undergraduate level programme in Arabic, Shari’ah, Theology, and various aspects of the humanities.
  • The Dawrah al-Hadith Programme – a one-year master’s level programme with an intense focus on Hadith according to the seminary tradition.
  • A postgraduate development programme for seminary graduates and imams 
  • A research centre – the Centre for Islamic Research & Education.
  • Short courses for adults of all ages covering all aspects of Islam and Muslim life. These courses run on-campus, online, and in the form of outreach-based weekend intensives.