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Ebrahim College


About Ebrahim College

Ebrahim College was established in 2003 as a Darul Uloom style seminary appropriate for the modern world. The aim was to benefit from the rigour and credibility of the traditional Darul Uloom and, where it was deemed beneficial, merge it with the best in modern curriculum development, pedagogy, technology and research.

The work of the College in higher education and research includes:

The ‘Alimiyyah Programme - a four-year, contextualised, multi-disciplinary, undergraduate level programme in Arabic, Shari’ah, Theology, and various aspects of the humanities

The Dawrah al-Hadith Programme - a one-year masters level programme with an intense focus on Hadith according to the seminary tradition, starting from September 2016

A postgraduate development programme for seminary graduates and imams

A research centre - the Centre for Islamic Research and Education.

The College also runs between 60 and 70 courses a term for adults of all ages covering all aspects of Islam and Muslim life. These courses run on-campus, online, and in the form of outreach based weekend intensives.

Mission, Vision and Aims

An institution renowned for courageous scholarship and leadership distinguished by Islamic ethics and piety, whose members strive for positive transformation in the world.

 To advance education that enriches the lives of all people; stimulate intellectual discourse and produce contextualised Islamic scholarship and leadership. 

  • To produce scholars and effective leaders who understand and respond to the needs of modern society.


  • To make traditional Islamic education accessible and relevant.


  • To make a significant academic contribution to the Islamic sciences, Islamic education, and the multiple disciplines related to the Islamic sciences.


  • To deliver outstanding mainstream education that enriches people’s lives underpinned by an Islamic ethos.


  • To serve and facilitate wider community development.


  • To safeguard the operational and financial viability of the organisation and its projects

Teaching since 2003

We’ve been around officially since 2003. Over the past 10 years, thousands of students have studied with us in our campus based in London. Watch our short video to see how Ebrahim College has progressed since 2003.

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