Arabic Language Level 1

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Course Description

Level 1 of EC’s comprehensive Arabic language programme. The programme incorporates modern and classical Arabic as well as grammar. It is one of the most comprehensive coverages of classical Arabic and grammar available. Students who are looking for serious and focussed study of Arabic in order to access the language of the Quran and Hadith should seriously consider completing the whole programme consisting of 9 modules.

Who is it for?

You must be able to read the Qur’an fluently to be able to study this course. You will need to commit to 3 hours of contact time per week and at least a further 3 hours of personal study. Students who cannot read Arabic should join the Access to Arabic & Tajweed course.

12 weeks (36 hours in total)

3 hours each lesson

Access to Arabic and Tajweed course.

Students who complete this may progress to Arabic Language Level 2.

Course Brief
The topics below will be covered in conjunction with tailor made worksheets to help students apply their knowledge of the grammar concepts and develop a broad vocabulary:

  • Important terms relevant to the study of al-Nahw
  • The sun and moon letters;
  • Pronouns
  • Important terminology relevant to the study of Sarf.
  • The classification of verbs
  • Forms (abwab); the 6 forms of the simple triliteral;
  • The perfect active positive verb from simple triliteral roots;
  • The Masculine and the Feminine nouns;
  • The singular, dual and plural;
  • The perfect active positive verb from derived triliteral forms;
  • The Arabic sentence: nominal and verbal:
  • The prepositional phrase, common prepositions and the declension of common words in the genitive case;
  • The verbal sentence
  • The active and passive, positive and negative forms of the past tense verb;
  • Asma al-Isharah and al-Murakkab al-Ishari
  • Al-Murakkab al-Tawseefi and common adjectives
  • Al-Idhafah

Course Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:

  • The topics outlined in the course contents above.
  • Vocabulary and common Arabic phrases provided in worksheets.

Skills and application:

  • Confidently initiate and engage in basic written and verbal dialogue in Arabic using the vocabulary and grammar acquired.
  • Use Arabic dictionary
  • Read (applying vowels correctly), understand and translate into English basic Arabic prose.
  • Translate basic prose from English to Arabic.

Students will be assessed at the end of the course.

Course Delivery

This course is run either onsite or online. When registering, please choose your preferred option/platform. Please note, we may not have both options available in the same term.

For more information on how Zoom works, please view our Zoom user guide at

Course Resources

All students will receive the relevant course details, materials 5 days before the course starts. This will include:

  • Zoom meeting details (for online courses)
  • Pdf versions of the course materials/notes by email
  • Link to Google Drive to access courses notes and recordings (if applicable)
  • Link to Google Classroom to interact with teachers, receive additional course material and information (if applicable).

Please note:

  • Printed copies of course materials are available to collect for free from the college office on request.
  • If you would like a printed copy to be posted to your address, you will need to place an order via our website

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Male and Female, Female


12 weeks


On Campus, Online




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