Advanced Hadith Course with Focus on Manhaj Al-Takhrij


Taught by Shaykh Dr. ‘Abdullah al-Judai’[Al-Judai’ Centre for Research & Consultations, Leeds, UK]

This course has now ended and has been recorded. For more information on how to access the recordings, please contact


Course Overview
As part of the dawrah al-hadith programme (intensive study of the major collections of hadith), this advanced hadith course will cover the standard modules but with a focus on manhaj al-takhrij training.

Level: Aimed at Imams, ‘ulama, Islamic Studies academics, and anyone with a hadith studies background or interest in particular.

Course participants are expected to attend onsite in person. All sessions will be recorded and live online for those who wish to participate online.

More details will follow with regards to course outline each day and format.


Completion of an authorised ‘alimiyyah programme from a recognised institution and/or competency and thorough background knowledge of the subject matter. Competency in writing and understanding Arabic as the course will only be taught in arabic.


Taught by Shaykh Dr. ‘Abdullah al-Judai’ [Al-Judai’ Centre for Research & Consultations, Leeds, UK]

Date: Part I: 15th August – 18 August 2022; Part II 29 August – 1 September
Time: 10am – 5pm each day
Venue: Ebrahim College, London (Exact venue will be confirmed soon)

Onsite and LIVE Online
All sessions will be recorded live and available later to those who may miss lessons
or to review and catch up.

About the teacher – Shaykh Dr. ‘Abdullah al-Judai’ [Al-Judai’ Centre for Research & Consultations, Leeds, UK]

Shaykh Dr. ‘Abdullah al-Judai’ is of Iraqi heritage and is one of the leading scholars of our time and a key reference-point for the Scholars in the West and beyond. He studied traditionally and received Ijaza from the leading scholars of Iraq. He is one of the founding members of the European Council for Fatwa and Research. Holding a PhD in Islamic Economics and an MA in Islamic Studies.

He is the Managing Director of al-Judai’ Centre for Research and Consultations in Leeds, UK, where he provides consulting services to companies in the field of Islamic financial transactions and provides advisory opinions and solutions to social problems. He also conducts arbitration between parties in commercial and personal cases, in addition to preparing and publishing research and studies in various Islamic sciences and issues, and preparing curricula and intensive courses in Islamic sciences such as Arabic language, Quranic sciences, the sciences of Hadith, jurisprudence, and the purposes of Sharia, and others in selected scientific subjects pertaining to as faith, family issues, financial transactions.

Dr. al-Judai’ was formerly the head of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, Chairman of the Fatwa Committee of the European Council for Fatwa and Research in the UK and member of the International Union of Muslims Scholars.

He has published and edited extensively on a variety of subjects.


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