Advanced Qiraa’ah

This program runs only from September until July. The next intake will start from June 2023 insha Allah. For more information, please contact

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Course Description:

This course continues from Tajweed Level 1, 2 and 3 and focuses on developing student’s recitation further by consolidating and applying all the rules of Tajweed.
The aim is to complete Juz Amma and Surah Baqarah and to prepare students for an Ijaza level course. Students will be encouraged to practise and revise the surahs for homework to increase their fluency while maintaining all the rules of Tajweed. They will have the opportunity to practise and recite individually in every session.
Students will also be doing a presentation on the summary of the theory of Tajweed in order to revise this, as this will help them apply the rules.
This course has been designed so that it can be taught on a 1-2-1 basis, as well as collectively. Therefore, it is very important to assess each student before joining the course and prior to setting any tasks.

Duration of course:
30 weeks course (delivered over 3 terms). 10 weeks in each term, 2 hours and 30 minutes each lesson.

Course objectives:

• To practise and recite from Juz Amma and Surah Baqarah fluently while applying the rules of Tajweed to a very good standard
• To consolidate their knowledge of the rules of Tajweed (theory and practical) regarding the following:

− Makharij

− Sifat

− Mudud

− Nun sakin and Tanwin / Mim Sakin

− Wuquf and ibtida Makharij (stopping and starting)
• To continue to improve in reading while maintaining the rules introduced in the previous levels

Assumed prior knowledge:

Knowledge of makharij, ghunna of meem and nun mushaddad, qalqala, rules of laam in Allah’s name, rules of raa, nun sakinah and tanween, meem sakinah, mudud, rules of Wuqoof and ibtida Makharij (stopping and starting).


Students who complete this course may wish to consider studying an Ijazah Programme.


Surah Baqarah and the final Juz of the Qur’an

Assessment (how learning will be assessed)

The teacher will observe students as a group and individually. Individual feedback will be on going and given on a regular basis observation and feedback.
Teachers are expected to differentiate between different abilities. If a student is not ready to progress to the next lesson, they should be given individual focus. If a student is progressing well, they shouldn’t be restricted either; the homework given out to students reflects this so that they can progress through the course at a pace they are comfortable with.

Differentiation (addressing all learner’s needs)

  • Visual- PowerPoint presentation and hand-outs when required;
  • Auditory –listening to teacher and others reciting, and correcting their mistakes;
  • Kinaesthetic – each student reciting individually
  • Targeted feedback for each student based on ability and pace
  • Targeted setting of memorisation homework according to individual pace

Homework/assignments set:

  • Practice the surah/s from Juz Amma and Surah Baqarah verses that are set for homework several times throughout the week.
  • To work in pairs/as a team to plan and prepare their presentation for their specific Tajweed theory topic.

Course Delivery
This course is run either onsite or online. When registering, please choose your preferred option/platform. Please note, we may not have both options available in the same term.
For more information on how Zoom works, please view our Zoom user guide at

Course Resources
All students will receive the relevant course details, materials 5 days before the course starts. This will include:

  • Zoom meeting details (for online courses)
  • Pdf versions of the course materials/notes by email
  • Link to Google Drive to access courses notes and recordings (if applicable)
  • Link to Google Classroom to interact with teachers, receive additional course material and information (if applicable).

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