Preparing for Ramadan

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For every act of worship undertaken by a Muslim, there is always an additional obligation: seeking enough knowledge about it so that it is performed correctly. This is known as obligatory knowledge. Just as fasting is fardh ‘ayn, so too is seeking knowledge about it fardh ‘ayn. A fact often not understood or under-emphasised by many Muslims.

Course Overview

Module 1: Making the Most of Ramadan

  • Objectives of Ramadan
  • Uniqueness of Ramadan
  • Ideal Spiritual Retreat: How to spend the Ramadan day
  • Ramadan Resolutions: Letting the impact of go beyond Ramadan
  • Eid: The first collective test of Ramadan resolutions

Module 2: The Fiqh of Ramadan

  • Types of Fasts
  • Conditions, essentials, sunnahs and etiquettes of Fasts
  • Reprehensible acts and nullifiers of fasts
  • Making up for missed fasts and their types
  • The fiqh of I’tikaf
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Other miscellaneous matters

Course Delivery

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