Fasting and Charity

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Course Brief and learning outcomes

Fasting and Zakah are two of the five pillars of Islam and are both fardh ‘ayn (obligatory on every individual). With Ramadhan so near, every Muslim must take spiritual and academic preparation for it. It is also common for Muslims to choose Ramadan as the ideal month to fulfil the Zakah obligation as their reward is multiplied by paying their Zakah in the holy month of Ramadhan.

For every act of worship undertaken by a Muslim there is always an additional obligation: seeking enough knowledge about it so that it is performed correctly. This is known as obligatory knowledge. Just as fasting and Zakah are fardh ‘ayn, so too is seeking knowledge about them fardh ‘ayn. A fact often not understood or under-emphasised by many Muslims. This course is designed to cover all of the necessary knowledge needed to discharge these two duties correctly as well as maximise reward from Allah (swt).

Each course will comprise the following:

The Fasting Course

  • Virtues and benefits of fasting, the month of Ramadhan and lailat al-qadr;
  • Types of fasting;
  • Conditions, essentials, sunnahs and etiquettes, reprehensible acts and nullifiers of fasting; and the reasons for which an ongoing fast can be broken;
  • Fasting and medication, and other miscellaneous issues;
  • Making up for the missed fast, expiatory fasts and redemptive payments;
  • The fiqh of I’tikaf;
  • ‘Eid and Sadaqatul Fitr;
  • Q&A.

The Charity Course:

  • Zakah, Sadaqah and other forms of giving: differences, virtues, rules and etiquettes;
  • The importance and benefits of Zakah;
  • Zakah payers and recipients;
  • Assets subject to Zakah and exempt assets;
  • When to Pay Zakah;
  • Conditions for the Validity of Zakah;
  • Zakah on Debts and monies owed;
  • Zakah alculation workshop;
  • Tax and Zakah;
  • Q&A.

Students will not be assessed at the end of the course.

Course Delivery

This course is run either onsite or online. When registering, please choose your preferred option/platform. Please note, we may not have both options available in the same term.

For more information on how Zoom works, please view our Zoom user guide at

Course Resources

All students will receive the relevant course details, materials 5 days before the course starts. This will include:

  • Zoom meeting details (for online courses)
  • Pdf versions of the course materials/notes by email
  • Link to Google Drive to access courses notes and recordings (if applicable)
  • Link to Google Classroom to interact with teachers, receive additional course material and information.

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