Usul al Hadith (Principles of Hadith)

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Course Description

This course is introductory in nature and is designed to equip students with a familiarity with the parlance of Hadith Scholars, commonly referred to as Mustalah al-Hadith or Usul al-Hadith.
This course is ideal for any individual wanting to understand the science of hadith. No previous knowledge is required.
Introduction to Hadith and chains of narrations; Terminologies of Hadith and its people; Different types of chains connecting back to the Messenger of Allah (SAW);
Hadith categories according to the number of people narrating it; Khabar Wahid, Mash’hoor, Mutawatir, Azeez, Ghareeb; Categories of Hadith based on continuous connection of narrators; Muttasil, Munqati, Mursal, Mu’allaq, Tadlis; Types of Hadith based on acceptance; Sahih, Hasan, Da’eef.

Course Delivery

This course will be delivered onsite and streamed live online. Further details will be emailed 3 days before the course starts insha Allah.


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