Bio: Shaykh Ashraf Zaman

Shaykh Ashraf Zaman was born in Bangladesh and brought up in the UK. During his teens Shaykh Ashraf went away to West Yorkshire to study at the Institute of Islamic Education, Dewsbury, where he studied the Islamic sciences according to the Dars Nizami system. He then travelled to Pakistan and continued his studies at the renowned Darul-Uloom Karachi under some of the greatest scholars of the world such as Mufti Muhammad Taqi and Rafi Usmani, may Allah (SWT) protect them both.

He graduated from Darul-Uloom Karachi in 1996 with ijazah from his shuyukh. After graduation Shaykh Ashraf was devoted to helping the youth in East London, organizing lectures, study circles and other youth activities.

In 1999 he founded a media organization named An-Najm which propagated knowledge through the production and distribution of Islamic media products.

In 2003 Shaykh Ashraf became a Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) teacher at Ebrahim College and the head of the Fiqh department. He has also taught Balaghah (Rhetoric) and Tajweed. He has also compiled various resources on the subjects which he is continuing to develop for publication insha-Allah.


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