Calligraphy (The Riq’ah Script)

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Course Description

Calligraphy is the art of making writing beautiful. Once associated with the divinity of the Holy Quran, its rank naturally rises. It further gains a high degree of spirituality as Allah takes an oath by the pen (Surah Qalam) and uses ink to explain His Majesty (Surah Kahf). This course introduces students to the basics of Arabic Calligraphy and provides a taste of this grand miracle of the Quran and the Unlettered Prophet (Peace and salutations of Allah be upon him). Students will form an understanding of how letters are formed, the tools used by Master Calligraphers of the Islamic world. Once familiar with the basic elements, students will explore artistic tools to express their connection with the written Arabic word.

The Riq’ah Script is one of the six major Calligraphy scripts. Used broadly in the modern age for day to day communication and adorning magazines and commercial design. Originally development by the Ottomans for their Civil Service with its foundation going back to the time of Sultan Abdul Majid Khan, Riq’ah has an esteemed place in the traditional teaching of Islamic Calligraphy.

This course is an introduction to the practical application of the strokes, lines and the curves used to form and join the letters of the Alphabet.

Please note, due to Covid, students are required to purchase their own stationery pack as listed below (available on online on ebay and amazon).

Calligraphy stationery required:

  • Reed pens
  • Knife
  • Original Likka/Real Silk
  • Ink (black)
  • Hokka-1/20 cc
  • Makta
  • Porcupine Quills
  • Calligraphy practice paper
  • Instruction booklet

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course

Recommended: Prior study Familiarisation of the Arabic Alphabet

Duration: 20 weeks (over 2 terms)

Content summary

  • Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy and single alphabetic letters
  • Joining letters
  • Composing names and short phrases. Students will start writing their names and plan writing a short phrase
  • Complete short phrase

NOTE: The above plan is subject to change. Emphasis will be given on understanding how the letter forms are created with the traditional reed pen.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Using the Reed Pen
  • Familiarisation of writing the Arabic Alphabet using the reed pen
  • Understanding of the tools and basic techniques

Teaching and learning Strategies

  • Show and tell
  • Practical hands-on learning and guided exercise
  • Group discussion

Assessment Strategies

  • Teacher supervision
  • Exercise submission

Course Delivery
This course will be delivered on campus only. Further details will be emailed to students 3 days before the course commences insha Allah.

For more information on how this works, please click here.

Students will not be assessed for this course.

Course Materials
Course materials/notes will be provided to students in pdf format three days prior to the course commencing.


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