Essentials of Shafi Fiqh

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Course Description

No Muslim can do without this course! Everyone must perform salah, therefore everyone must study about salah. It’s as simple as that.

How much time do we spend on our salah? How important is it to us? Now consider the possibility that we might be doing it all wrong! It happens to many people every day. To avoid this, courses like this are absolutely essential. You will be taken through the absolute essentials of purification and salah by an expert teacher so that you can be sure of the validity of your salah in future.

In summary the course will cover the following:

  1. Introduction to fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) covering aspects of usul al-fiqh (principles of jurisprudence) and the development of fiqh;
  2. Comprehensive study of the rules and methods of Taharah (purity);
  3. Comprehensive study of the of the fiqh of Salah.

The detailed course plan is as follows:


  • Brief Introduction to Fiqh
  • Taqleed
  • Ijtihad
  • Legal Values

Taharah – Purification

  • Wudhu
  • Ghusl
  • Anjaas
  • Toilet
  • Tayammum
  • Menstruation, postnatal bleeding and istihadhah
  • Wiping over Khuffain
  • Key to Salah – Wiping over bandage

Salah – Prayer

  • Times of Salah
  • Makrooh times of prayer
  • Adhaan and Iqamah
  • Pre-Conditions of Salah (Shuroot)
  • Faraidh of Salah (Arkan)
  • Sunan of Salah
  • Acts that break the Salah (Mufsidaat)
  • Acts that do not nullify salah
  • Acts that are undesirable in Salah (Makroohaat)
  • Congregational prayer
  • Sajdah Sahw (correcting one’s prayer)
  • Other Sajdahs
  • Sutrah (placing a barrier in front of one’s prayer)
  • Qasr (prayer of a traveller)

Students will be assessed at the end of the course.

Course Delivery

This course is run either onsite or online. When registering, please choose your preferred option/platform. Please note, we may not have both options available in the same term.

For more information on how Zoom works, please view our Zoom user guide at

Course Resources

All students will receive the relevant course details, materials 5 days before the course starts. This will include:

  • Zoom meeting details (for online courses)
  • Pdf versions of the course materials/notes by email
  • Link to Google Drive to access courses notes and recordings (if applicable)
  • Link to Google Classroom to interact with teachers, receive additional course material and information.

Please note:

  • Printed copies of your course materials are available to collect from the college office on request.
  • If you would like a printed copy to be posted to your address, you will need to place an order via our website Once purchased, course materials will be dispatched to you 5 days before your course starts.


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