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This course is a brief introduction to the Islamic science of spirituality or wayfaring to Allah.It is based upon a poem entitled, ‘The Journey to Allah and the Home of the Hereafter,’ written by the late Sheikh AbdurRahman al-Sa’di (1307H/1889CE), as well as a brief explanation to the poem, which he called, ‘The Exquisite Pearl.’

This two day course aims to explore some of the main spiritual stations that are essential for the heart in its worship of Allah and journeying to Him. The stations being qualities such as sincerity, love, fear, hope, patience, contentment and their like. It will explain how to ‘arrive’ at these stations and make them part and parcel of who we are.

This course is a must for every seeker desiring guidance on how to purify their hearts and gain intimacy with their Lord. It will cover the knowledge of the soul and provide students with advice on how to gain nearness to Allah (swt).

The Exquisite Pearl: The Journey to Allah and the Home of the Hereafter. Of all the faculties man has been endowed with, none excels the heart in importance and nobility. For the heart is both the seat of intelligence and understanding, and the locus of faith and spirituality; it is the quintessential faculty by which man may come to know his creator, and seek nearness and intimacy with Him. The heart’s spiritual sustenance lies in its being receptive to the effusions of divine grace and guidance, without which the veils that cover it will continue to corrupt its primordial purity, gradually rendering it dysfunctional! Each veil- a metaphor for heedlessness, sins and distraction- that is melted away by the rays of faith and spiritual endeavour, allows vital qualities such as love of Allah, as well as hope, fear, remembrance, and reliance upon Him, are referred to in the religious vocabulary as spiritual stations; only when the heart embraces these stations is it said to be truly sound. The Majestic Qur’an informs:

‘The day when wealth and sons avail not, save him who brings to Allah a heart that is sound.’


Shaykh Abu Aliyah

Classes are on demand so you can study at your convenience.
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Course Content


  • Introduction

The Awakening

The Aspiration

The Station of Sincerity

The Station of Fear and Hope

The Station of Love

The Station of Remebrance

Seeking Nearness to Allah (swt) & Self-Inspection

The Station of Patience

The Station of Contentment

The Station of Gratitude

The Station of Reliance

The Station of Excellence

The Station of Good Character

The Station of Attentive Care

The Station of Renunciation

The Fellowship

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